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Most Inexplicably Over-rated Bands


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I like Death Cab For Cutie. I even like them enough to refer to them as simply "DCFC", like us hipsters are wont to do.

The name is a reference to an obscure song performed in the "Magical Mystery Tour" movie. The original artist is the Bonzo Dog Band.

I like them for lyrics such as these:

Left uninspired by the crust of railroad earth that touched the lead to the pages of your manuscript.

I took my thumb off the concrete and saved up all my strength to hammer pillars for a picket fence.

It wasn't quiet what it seemed; a lack of pleasantries (my able body isn't what it used to be).

I must admist i was charmed by your advances; your advantage left me helplessly into you.

Talking how the group had begun to splinter and i could taste your lipstick on the filter.

I tried my best to keep my distance from your dress but call-response overturns conviction every time.

My memory cannot recall; a wave of alcohol, we shared a cigarette and shaved the hours off.

Lushing with the hallway congregation, my best judgement signed its resignation.

I rushed this. We moved too fast, and tripped into the guestroom.

Top that, Ready For The World.

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What I'm trying to say is, robots of any kind are bad.

Also, I'm not trying to start up an argument by saying I think the Stones are overrated, because a band's overrated-ness is 100% subjective.

Good answer! Such a diplomat. You should know honey, I'm by no means a classic rock robot though. Beefhearts' my #2, don't forget. :grin:

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I was watching SNL...that's what inspired my post. Gee Marc, I wonder why in the world you happened to be watching SNL this week? :shades: :googly:

It was a happy coincidence! I was at work and stuck at the desk, so I made the best of it...she looked sooo hot in that submarine... :googly:

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I don't exactly know how to describe emo, Farin, but I'll try. Based on what little I've heard, it's a mix of punk and rock, but with more emotional lyrics. Here are some emo bands: Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance and Dashboard Confessional.

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Rage Against The Korn Bizkit

Never understood their popularity :beatnik:

I guess when Fred Durst said "now I know you'll be lovin' this s*** right here" he was wrong!

I agree with Korn and Limp Bizkit, but I quite like RATM...their rapper isn't very good, but the guitar is amazing.

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There are way to many things to disagree with here. So, I'll put some of my own. All "rage rock" (Limp Bizkit, or whatever the f*&k there name is) today is crap. I've never realized what the fuss about Van Halen is about. I mean, they're good, but not THAT GREAT. Boston is pretty dumb. Journey is annoying. Everyone says that Kiss is overrated. How about listening to Motley Crue? they are the eric bauman of music. They stole everything Kiss did, made it worse, and sold more albums.

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Coldplay, Korn, and most definitely Limp biscuits... just to name a few.

However, above and beyond those guys... Nickleback takes the crown for most annoying BS to be released in music today.

If I have to hear that pseudo Rod Stewart growl-whine to another song about how tragic this spoon-fed chumps life is/was I am going to scream myself into a scratching, screeching whinebot and cover his songs in my local bar scene to all the retards who actually think it sounds good.

These guys are a total joke IMHO, or maybe I am just getting old. /shrug


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