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Most Inexplicably Over-rated Bands

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To understand the phenomenom of Elvis, you would have to understand the musical times out of which he emerged. He energized and to some degree, realigned a predominantly white audience by incorporating forms of R&B (a black staple for years before) into the mainstream of pop music.

Those who walk and clear out the underbrush in the jungle before the runners can run are always slower and more awkward in comparison, but the runners appreciate what they have done.

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I like Nirvana, I really do, but every day, I come across more and more evidence of their overratedness. And then I try really hard not to like them. But it doesn't work. So I decide to alienate the music from the bamd... or rather, the person.

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Most overrated band ever, I would have to say The Misfits.

I would have to disagree with you so much, in fact I disagree with you so much I may have to ignore what you say from now on. :P Actually I can see why some people would consider them overrated, I admit they're nothing great, but they're still catchy poppy fun. But come on, you have to admit that Danzig is one the best rock vocalists ever.

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