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Your Favorite Cult TV Shows


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The Mighty Boosh.

I am so in love with Noel Fielding.


Enjoy some clips from the show. The moon montage is amazing. I love the moon :grin:

I am the Moon

The Hitcher

Old Gregg's love games

Mr Susan and the Mirror World

Why do you totally rock so much?! madani.gif It just isn't fair :puppyeyes:

The Mighty Boosh woulda been even better to see back in the mid to late 90s when BritPop was at its height. I also tended to be on dope late at night and that woulda enhanced my enjoyment of this wacky nonsense :cool:

I'm going to use a combination of "popular" cult and "raer" cult in order to list the following:

Ulysses 31: 26 episode show from 1980 of the Homeric hero; same storyline as the Odyssey, except it's set in the 31st century. This show cannot get more rad if it included a rockin' synthy score (which it DOES!).


In English:

In Spanish (better voice cast):

(from Latin America)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOijLdfb3vo (from Spain... it's better in some parts than the other Spanish dubs)

Urusei Yatsura: Another animated show that began in 1980. I don't even know how to begin describing it; some people who've seen it remember the flying bikini girl with green hair - and that's pretty much the bulk of the plot! Hahahah. I think it has about 200 episodes (50 dvds), 12 direct-to-video episodes, 6 animated features, and about 5 or 6 video games. It should be really popular, but it's not. Nowadays, it's just some old Japanese cartoon! They don't know what they're missing :beatnik:



Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High (1988-1993?): No other show about teenagers comes anywhere close to the quality of story, character development, casting, and acting this show has. Nothing. This is the standard by which I judge and compare every other show with the same themes, and most every other show depicts situations in a very hokey and forced manner. I never could get into any other shows (Beverly Hills 90201, Dawson's Creek, Swan's Way, My So-Called Life, etc.). I think the other two shows that I would recommend after seeing Degrassi are Ready Or Not (also a Canadian production) and Daria (yet another animated show).

Degrassi High: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BTxTrVGLNw

Ready Or Not:

Kimagure Orange Road (1988-1989?): Guilty pleasure. I guess this is an animated version of Dawson's Creek, except the main guy has E.S.P./telekinetic powers. I don't think it was popular even when it first came out (the comic book was cancelled), but it started a craze of animated shows and movies where hapless, dorky guys are surrounded by good looking girl friends. This is a bad thing, but the original ain't so bad. I think it's 48 episodes with 6 direct-to-video episodes and 2 animated features. One thing that really stood out were the Pop theme songs - these were remarkably good for songs used in a cartoon show.


Kimagure Orange Road: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xwab3ZCwrI

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Reported to soon be another Tim Burton/Johnny Depp masterpiece, the original cult vampire show Dark Shadows

Featuring original cult vampire hero Barnabas Collins (Jonathon Frid) and other main characters such as Quentin Collins, Victoria Winter and Angelique. :bow:

We rushed home from school everyday to watch this in my Jr High years.

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Señorita Maestra: Recorded in late 1982 and it aired until 1985, this was a remake of Jacinta Pichimahuida, which was also from Argentina. The first series was popular, but the second one was a semi-international hit (at least in Latin America). Kids grew up watching Jacinta's 5th grade class and vicariously lived through their adventures and misadventures. I suppose the equivalent would be the more polished Victorious, Degrassi The Next Generation, Zoey 101, and such. Somehow, though, the low production values and the use of mostly non-professionals (for the kids' roles), the acting and dialogue had a natural quality to it seldom seen in other programmes.

What makes it a cult television show? A whole generation of kids in the 80s grew up watching it, but it never aired again - and nobody afterwards would believe this show existed (since it was remade twice in Mexico).

The theme song is catchy, too :beatnik:

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Jacinta Pichimahuida

OMG, BA... :P:P I had not heard or read or remembered about that two words since the mid-sixties :laughing: :laughing: I didn't watch that argentinian TV show but I know it existed and the actress married Palito Ortega (still her wife)

It's funny, how can you know about this old old and weird stuff???


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This is the Cult tellie show thred, after all. Check out the theme song to another favourite programme:

Keyboard Cat has nuthin' on Accordion Weeniedog!


Except the Patito Saturnino I used to watch was science fiction... or maybe it was the movie version :beatnik:

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The Uncle Floyd Show. It was very New Jersey and odd as anything you'll ever see on TV, but it was beloved by a generation. The Ramones, Rachel Sweet, Bon Jovi, Squeeze, Peter Tork are some of the guests that came over to NJ to be on the show. Floyd's show made it NBC but bombed, it had to be small time to work. Floyd was in movies including Good Morning Vietnam.


My closest connection to Floyd (other than participating in the TV show and meeting him several times) was that his brother's band (Jimmy Vivino) played at my wedding. Another brother plays as a regular with Max on Conan's show.


Google "The Uncle Floyd Show" and be amazed. Here's a little bio:


Born in Paterson, N.J. October 19, 1951 he began his career in show business as a child performer, giving piano recitals and appearing as a dancer with Sandra Lee and Jill Davison. He danced at the 1964 World's Fair in New York and at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City. As a high school student he was being groomed by dance and piano instructors to pursue careers in those fields. Finding it difficult to practicing the piano eight hours a day or working out in ballet class, he dropped both in his junior year, performing instead in the drama club. In high school- on stage he found the sound of laughter more fulfilling than applause.After high school he went right to work in show biz, finding employment in circus, nite clubs, amusement parks, and as a comedian in the few remaining burlesque shows. His varied experiences in the performing arts finally led him to television where he began his own show titled The Uncle Floyd Show in New Jersey on January 29,1974. The show developed a following in the New York-New Jersey area in the 1970's. Currently, it is seen on the Cablevision of Northern New Jersey based in Oakland, where it is viewed sporadicly on Friday and Saturday evenings. Now in its 25th year it is the longest running television show in New Jersey TV history.In February 1987 he started his own Italian radio program The Italian-American Serenade which is broadcast on WRTN-FM out of New Rochelle,N.Y. Vivino claims to have the largest private collection of Italian records outside of Italy, some 250,000. He has appeared as an actor on NBC-TV Law And Order (twice) ABC-TV soap opera Loving, Bill Boggs Comedy Tonight (syndicated), Nickelodeons Turkey TV and has filled in for Gilbert Gottfried on USA-TV's Up All Night.Comedy Channel audiences have seen him in the Dr.Demento Show. Between all this he managed to get small acting roles in several films including "Good Morning Vietnam" "Crazy People" "Mr. Wonderful" "A Pyromaniac's Love Story" and "The Clowns Of Babylon". Performing live however, has always remained his first love. He has played the Catskill and Pocono mountains resorts for many years,working the stages at Caesars, The Fernwood, Friar Tuck, Roseland Ranch, Green Lake, The Nevelle Pine Grove, Kelly's, Villa Baglieri and Villa Roma. He has also toured with or opened for many including Jimmy Roselli, Lou Monte Melba Moore, Jerry Vale, Pat Cooper, Al Martino,Pete Seegar, Toni Arden, Julius LaRosa, Tom Chapin, Eddie Rabbit, Jimmy Sturr. Currently living in New Jersey, Floyd appears live about 300 nights a year in clubs and on stage.


Update...Uncle Floyd is playing in the area again and he is now doing a Burlesque Variety show which is perfect for him. Long Live Uncle Floyd!! 

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