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  1. Isabel75

    Your Lifetime Most-Heard Song

    Verve - BitterSweet Symphony:)
  2. Isabel75

    Pete Doherty jailed; but not for long enough

    Is this the guy who was dating Kate Moss?
  3. Isabel75

    Best Movie "branding" (logo/catchphrase)

    I personally like Fringe logo even if it's TV series
  4. Isabel75

    So much more than Random Thoughts

    I have only one thought - when I come up to my bed and fall asleep:) So exhausted right now!
  5. Isabel75

    Chris Clavin!

    Nice, Chris Clavin is a pretty good musician!
  6. Isabel75

    Bands that Changed the Course of Music

    Beatles, Bob Marley, I would say that AC DC, Madonna I guess.
  7. Isabel75

    The Greatest Movie Title

    Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking your Juice in the Hood!!!!Epic win lol
  8. Isabel75

    Smoke On The Water

    I like the first picture and the whole topic too:)
  9. Cruel Intentions. Can't break my habit to watch this movie from time to time.
  10. Isabel75

    Non-Funny Images Thread

    That is a funniest picture I've seen in a while! Thumb up!
  11. Isabel75

    Random Video Posts

    Wow, there are a lot of links in this thread, it will take me time to watch it, thank you guys for posting!
  12. Isabel75

    What are you eating or drinking?

    Right now it's black regular coffee
  13. Isabel75

    Best director of all time

    Has anyone heard of Gabriel Aghion? He's french and he's my favorite one for sure!
  14. Isabel75

    Videos You Love

    I love the colors from the Walking on a Dream video, the band is Empire of the Sun.
  15. Isabel75

    Rate the Last Movie You've Seen

    I love every single movie where Vin Diesel is starring, so now I can rate the fifth part of the Fast and the Furious as gazzilion out of 5 lol