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friend lover songs


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Simon and garfunkle - bridge over troubled water

Bill withers - lean on me

soundtrack from toy story - you've got a friend in me

Beach boys - friends

Andrew gold - thank you for being a friend

Beatles - With a Little Help From My Friends

Beatles - friends

Spinners - I'll be around

The Pretenders - I'll stand by you

The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You

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A rat? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I thought it was a bunny or a puppy or a teddy bear! I just asked my hubby and he says it´s a rat... well, rats can be friends too, it seems... at least for Michael Jackson!

Michael wrote it for the movie "Willard" which is about a guy that has all these rats in his house. He talks to them and gets them to kill certain people. I saw the remake with Crispin Glover.

Anyways there's these two rats that are sort of the leaders. One's name is Ben and I think the other one's name was Socrates.

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About the song "Ben"...Do you guys remember on 'In Living Color' when they did a video parody episode...Tommy Davidson did the Michael Jackson song "Black Or White" in it was "I wrote a love song to a rat named Ben.." lol That's what I thought about when you all mentioned this song. :)

Hope you're all having a great day.

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A long time ago (1983?) in a place far, far away (Manoa valley, HI) a singer-songwriter asked the question in song:

Friends and Lovers (Audy Kimura)

Isn't is somehow strange

How friends will turn into lovers

And overnight you find you've changed

From one into the other

A friend will always stay with you

And talk a problem through

But a lover is the only one who'll

Spend the night with you


There are lovers

There are friends

And it's hard to tell where one begins

And the other ends

There are those

The ones like you

Who have somehow found a way to be the two

Through the years you'll find

That lovers will come and go

But a friend will always stay with you

This I think you know

A lover can be your own

And be your one and only

But a friend will always stay with you

When a lover leaves you lonely


And all of my life

I've been waiting for you

All of my life

I've been waiting--for you

It's hard to live your life

Without one or the other

To find someone who'll be your friend

And still become a lover

But now I'll never have to make

A choice between the two

Now all my life I've found a friend

And a lover both in you


Audwin J. Kimura was described by Melveen Leed, "The Tita from Moloka'i" as looking like "an auditor for the I.R.S." As you might guess, this song became a minor hit on local radio. (But this was before Corporate Radio and High Rotation Playlists.) :guitar:

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