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  1. Hello Again! Well, I've finally found a place to download the song. I got it for about $1 from MSN. Thanks for the help and suggestions! Much Love, Jessica
  2. Hey Earth_Angel! I checked the section you were talking about. Most of the links are to unknown artists or up and coming ones. But thank you for the help! I appreciate it!!
  3. You're welcome! Good luck in finding it! Believe me, I know how tough it can be.
  4. Hey UncleJoe, I'm really looking for this particular version of the song. But I'm interested in the instrumental version you have. Thank you. Please do send it along. Much Love, Jessica
  5. Hi Folks, There's a song on the Just Like Heaven soundtrack calleld 'Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)' and it's by Pete Yorn. I haven't been able to find anywhere to download this song from. I tried Wal-Mart and iTunes, but neither of them have it..not for the single download of that one song, anyway. I'd have to buy the whole album for one song. So, my question is: Does anyone have this song on their computer? And if so, Could you please send it to me? I hate asking this way, but it would be such a waste to buy the whole soundtrack just for one song.
  6. Hiya! Ok, first... to Tenacious_Peaches..the whole "Thanks a pantload, chet" thing was said in the movie Wayne's World. Perhaps that's where you got it. And Earth-Angel... I doubt this is it...but my suggestion for the song you're looking for would be "Truly,Madly,Deeply" by Savage Garden. Here's a link for you to listen to it, just in case. Get to it quick though, it's only good for seven days. http://s17.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0M183SMRIO72Q0X0MNW030WE23 Much Love, Jessica
  7. It very well could have been. If only I could listen to a sound clip or something. I really wanna know who the singer is. Good detective work so far, Earth Angel! :: Much Love, Jessica
  8. There was a song played in a commercial...somewhere between 2001 and 2003, I would say. I believe the commercial was for a Sony Stereo system. In the commercial, there's a couple sitting at a table for dinner in their apartment. The guy clicks the remote (pointed at the stereo) and a heavy rock song comes on. The lyrics I could make out sounded like: "Let me call you sweetheart I'm in love with you..." (the words were screamed) Anyone know what song this is?
  9. Does anyone know where I can find a karaoke or instrumental version of Leann Rimes' song "Some People"? Much Love, Jessica
  10. Thank you SO much for the help! Elvish, that's the song! Thank you! It was driving me nuts. lol Thanks Again. Much Love, Jessica :: PS - Thanks for your help as well, Kevin!
  11. Hello Good People! I've just recently heard a song one of my local radio stations (Diva 92.3 *for New Orleans, Louisiana*) and I have no clue what this one is. It has a female singing it. The song is upbeat and the lyrics that I caught are: "It's killing me to let you go. I'm dying here, Don't you know?" Any clue what this one is or could be? Any help is always greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jessica
  12. Hi BigCal, Any chance you remember some of the lyrics to this song? Was it a female singer or male? Any other information would be much more helpful! Much Love, Jessica
  13. Sorry about that. The song is "Pacific Wind" by Ryan Farrish, off his yet to be released album 'From The Sky' due out June 21st, 2005! Thanks again to everyone for all the help! Much Love, Jessica
  14. Thank You so much BluesBoy! They had the information there!!! I appreciate it! Thanks for all your guys' help! Much Love, Jessica
  15. Ok, this is the MOST difficult song search there will ever be. Because the part I heard had just the music and no lyrics. When the female was softly vocalizing, it sounded like it could've been Enya. But, then again..I really can't be sure. They were showing the forecast and everything while the music played in the background. It was a very pretty song from what I heard. Anyway...did anyone happen to see the same thing Sunday night between 9pm and 11pm? Any help as to what song this could be...I mean, I know it's especially difficult...but I'd really appreciate the help. Maybe Enya fans would know. Much Love, Jessica
  16. Hello Folks, I'm looking for songs that sound similar to "Last Thing On My Mind" by Leann Rimes (featuring Ronan Keating). Suggestions?
  17. I hear ya, Janet! If you like that Take That, perhaps you may like a few of Robbie Williams' songs. He was in Take That. Very cute fella as well! :: Anyway... Have a good day! Glad you found your song! Much Love, Jessica ::
  18. I'm looking for songs with a similar tune and/or similar meaning/lyrics as Bon Jovi's "Something To Believe In". Anyone have any suggestions? Much Love, Jessica
  19. Hi Again! I'm looking for songs that sound like or have the same feel as "Hear You Me" by Jimmy Eat World Or even songs like that one. Any suggestions?
  20. Hey BluesBoy, Thanks for the link. But I must admit I'm a little confused with it. None of those songs (from what I can tell) are covers of "Too Late To Turn Back Now". Any thoughts? Thanks again, Jess
  21. Hello Good People! Is there a remake of the song "Too Late To Turn Back Now"? (Lyrics: It's too late to turn back now I believe, I believe, I believe I'm falling in love...)
  22. Thank you PsychoCatholic! I really do love "Shine Your Light"...it's addictive when you listen to it...for me anyway. Also, thank you to the rest of you who are posting your suggestions...please keep them coming! :: Much Love, Jessica
  23. Hi Folks, I was just wondering if any of you have suggestions for some songs that are slow and for either losing a loved one or just feeling alone. (In terms of sound) I'm looking for stuff like: "Tears In Heaven" by Eric Clapton "Shine Your Light" by Robbie Robertson "Nan's Song" by Robbie Williams "I Shall Believe" by Sheryl Crow ...Stuff like that. I look forward to reading your suggestions. Also, I apologize that this seems to be such a redundant request.
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