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  1. These are the correct lyrics but the vocalist was a female. Anyone have any idea what female has also recorded this song? Thanks
  2. I am trying to find the name and artist for a song I have heard on the radio several times during the christmas season. It might be strange to be searching for such a song in the middle of june but I have always felt that the singer's voice was beutiful and I am trying to find some new music to add to my collection. It tells the story of a young girl named maria who finds a hurt bird along the road and picks it up. She uses the last of her money to buy it a cage and nurses it back to health and then takes it to church on Christmas to offer it to God and when it gets free she loses hope because she cannot offer as good a gift as the other people. But God speaks to her and tells her that her love was the greatest gift. I think that is pretty close to how it goes. Anyway, I would love to know the name of the song and the artist that I keep hearing perform it. Thanks
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