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Gotta be Johnny Rivers! :thumbsup:

SURE IS! :coolio: CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME TO THE QUIZ RICO :) :). 5 Points to you and 2 to Joe ...missed by THAT much.... + 1 to all who participated. (Thanks everyone).

I get tired of listening to LPs of even some of my favorite singers because there can be a "sameness" about the songs.

NOT so Johnny Rivers. He hasn't got the strongest voice in the world, but he sure knows how to choose his material. How's this for "Diversity"?

Memphis(Tennessee) and Maybelline: Chuck Berry

Blue Suede Shoes: Carl Perkins

Rockin' Pneumonia, Boogie Woogie Flu: Huey "Piano" Smith

Under Your Spell Again: Buck Owens

(I Washed My Hands In)Muddy Water: Stonewall Jackson

Midnight Special: Leadbelly

Seventh Son: Willie Dixon

Where Have All The Flowers Gone: Pete Seeger

These Are Not My People: Joe South

Into The Mystic: Van Morrison

Baby I Need Your Lovin': Four Tops

Tracks Of My Tears: Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

Sea Cruise: Frankie Ford

Help Me Rhonda: Beach Boys(Brian Wilson sang backup vocals)

ETC ETC + his biggest Hit (co-written by him) Poor Side Of Town.


DO I sound like a FAN? Got a bit carried away there. :o


Here's a NEW QUESTION and I'll come back and update the points later.

Which moderately successful Disco Group of the mid 70s took their performing name from their Producer's christian name? A toughie, I think! I'll check back after lunch.


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Not those three. I think we liked them better in Australia than the U.S. did, where they didn't have a Top 10. "Part 1" of one of their U.S. Hits got to #3 here. (NOT "Disco Duck - Part 1). :)Hmm! Hope that's not misleading. It was the "extended" version that charted in America (I didn't even know there was a difference!)

Be back after I update the points. Keep trying. Get out that disco ball and gaze into it!


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Brad37732 59

Kevin28776 54

Elvish 36

miamisammy 29

edna 26

Windy1 22

UncleJoe 18

Laurie35451 16

jrownsdega 15

katie sane 9

Jenny 6

swlabr 6

rico 5

Annabelle 5

earth-angel 5

bazooka 4

HDThoreau 3

TrampledUnderFoot 2

addictedtoclassic 2

Foxy1983 1

Tenacious Peaches 1

bluesboy 1

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Hi Bazooka. Is that for real? We never heard them down here.

This group is fairly well known, and their Hit song here was not the WORST we've heard in Australia. Not the Hues Corporation Kevin - great song though.

:: :doh: BIG TIME CLUE THERE. :)

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The Ritchie Family ?

:coolio: CONGRATULATIONS swlabr. WELL DONE. :) :)

That's them, named after their Producer Ritchie Rome. And of course the song I was referring to was "The Best Disco In Town". Apparently there was a "long" and a "Part 1" version released in different countries!

NEW QUESTION (coming up)

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I didn't know that. I learn lots here too! Well done Lisa. :)


This singer recorded a song just 3 days before his/her tragic death, which became a MASSIVE posthumous #1. I won't give you any clues at this stage, because I think you'll get it without any.


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(Sittin' On) the Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding
:coolio: CONGRAULATIONS BLUESBOY! :) :) That one didn't last long. I was right about "clues not necessary yet" . Poor Otis recorded it only 3 days before he was killed in the plane crash on route to Madison,WI. on 10 December 1967 .


5 Points to Bluesboy and 1 to swlabr and Kevin (clever to participate for that point!).

Back soon to update the points for the last 2 questions, and to post another New one. :)

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