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See what you think of these two !


In the late 1980s, these artists (and others) performed "in concert" together. What was the occasion?

Joe Cocker, Bo Diddley, Billy Preston.




What did these two Artists have in common before they became professional Musicians? Bobby Hatfield (Righteous Brothers) and Country singer Charley Pride.



That was a long 15 minutes. My Wife will kill me! Goodnight.

:sleepy: :sleepy:

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What did these two Artists have in common before they became professional Musicians? Bobby Hatfield (Righteous Brothers) and Country singer Charley Pride.



Were they both baseball players? I know Charley was in the minors for a while.

For question A: did they play together to induct someone into the hall of fame? ::

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Did they play ay a presidential inauguration?

I know Diddley and Cocker did play after Bush´s election, in Washington, in a tribute to blues concert, but that was in the late eighties...

Apparently, it was a post-inaugural party for young Republican campaign workers hosted by Lee Atwater. Here's what I found:

"In 1984 Atwater directed the Reagan/Bush campaign, and in 1987 George Bush chose him to run his campaign for President. Bush won the election and appointed Atwater chairman of the Republican National Committee, making him head political strategist for the party in control of the world's most powerful government.

Atwater wasted no time using his newly won power to showcase his musical idols. The most conspicuous of his efforts was a gala party for young Republicans campaigners, billed as a "Special Tribute to Rhythm And Blues Artists." The affair was held at the Washington, D.C., Convention Center, the night after Bush's inauguration, and featured Bo Diddley, Percy Sledge, Sam Moore (of "Sam And Dave"), Albert Collins, Eddie Floyd, Steve Cropper, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Dr. John, Delbert McClinton, Koko Taylor, Willie Dixon, William Bell, Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Cocker, Billy Preston, Carla Thomas, and Chuck Jackson. When Bush arrived at the party Atwater took the stage and ripped into a version of "Hi-Heel Sneakers," backed up by Carla Thomas, Sam Moore, Percy Sledge, Chuck Jackson, Joe Cocker and Billy Preston. Later President Bush was called on stage to accept a white Fender Stratocaster embossed with "The Prez," presented to him by Sam Moore. The following morning readers of American newspapers saw a photo of their patrician President, wearing a goofy grin and holding his new Fender.

Sounds like an awesome show! :guitar:

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QUESTION B Were they both baseball players?
:coolio: WELL DONE ELVISH! :) :) It looks like quite a few people knew that one. Last time I asked a sporting question - about Boxing - it went for nearly as long as the "Songwriter" one.

The other one is correct too, but I'm trying to figure out Points allocation between Elvish, Edna and Brad. :: Maybe I should have stuck with the old adage of "never discuss Politics or Relgion".



I would have paid Edna's answer straight away and closed the Question if I'd been awake, so that's 5 points to her. :coolio:

Elvish gave us the EXACT answer later, so I think 3 points to her for a VERY Honorable Mention. But Brad started the ball rolling, so I'm also giving him 2 points for an Honorable mention. I HOPE that sounds fair.

THANKS TO ALL WHO HAD A GO ! Gotta be in it to win it.

Thanks also to Brad for the Poll. When we become a Republic here and I run for President (if it happens in my lifetime) you can be my Campaign Manager.


I'll be back with a points update and a New Question soon.

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Kevin28776 40

Brad37732 40

Elvish 35

edna 22

Windy1 20

miamisammy 17

UncleJoe 16

Laurie35451 15

jrownsdega 13

katie sane 9

Jenny 6

Annabelle 5

earth-angel 5

HDThoreau 2

bazooka 2

addictedtoclassic 2

TrampledUnderFoot 1

swlabr 1

Tenacious Peaches 1

bluesboy 1



At a concert in the early 80s (obviously around Christmas time) these were among the items thrown on stage when the Star Attraction performed:

> 5 Santa Claus hats, 3 stencilled with the lead artist's christian name

> one bedsheet with "Merry Christmas (Lead Artist)printed on it

> one stuffed dog

> one box of Twinkies

> 2 dozen + pairs of women's underpants

> one rubber duck

Who was the ARTIST and his/ her (?) Band ?

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