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"He's free as the breeze, He's always at ease

He lives in the jungle and hangs by his knees

As he swings through the trees without a trapeze

In his B.V.D.'s

He's got a union card and he's practicing hard

To play the guitar

Gonna be a big star, yeah, he's gonna go far

And carry moonbeams home in a jar

He ordered Chet's Guitar course C.O.D.

Makes "A" and "E" and he's working on "B"

Digs C&W and R&B

And me and the chimpanzee agree

that one day soon he will be a celebrity

Git it, git it, git it, git it...OW!

Gitarzan, he's a guitar man

He's all you can stand

Give him a hand, Gitarzan


:afro: :afro: :afro: :rockon: :rockon: :thumbsup:

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Yer more....

Martian Hop The Ran-Dells

Mr Bass Man Johnny Cymbal

I Want My Baby Back Jimmy Cross

Baby Sittin' Boogie Buzz Clifford

Ape Call Nervous Norvus

Yogi The Ivy Three

Delicious Jim Backus And Friends

Long Tall Texan Murray Kellum

Transfusion-Nervous Norvus

The Purple People Eater Sheb Wooley .

The Flying Saucer, Part 1 Buchanan & Goodman

Rip Van Winkle The Devotions

Witch Doctor David Seville

Russian Band Stand Spencer & Spencer

Beep Beep The Playmates

More Money For You And Me The Four Preps

The Mummy Bob McFadden & Dor

The Blob The Five Blobs

The Little Space Girl Jesse Lee Turner

Kookie Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb) Ed Byrnes & Connie Stevens

Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp Bomp Bomp) Barry Mann

Psycho Bobby Hendricks

Haunted House Gene Simmons

Alley Oop The Dyna-Sores

Ambrose, Part 5 Linda Laurie.

Leader Of The Laundromat The Detergents They're coming To Take Me Away (Ha-Haaaaaa) Napoleon XIV

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Hi all. Sammy, I don't know "Fresh Air (Have Another Hit)" by Quicksilver Messenger Service. I'll try to download it and have a listen to it. I thought they were a 70s Band?

But you forgot I stipulated it was a Top 10 Hit. At least you did give me one by a ROCK group. :)

Uncle, you wouldn't believe that you could miss it with a list that long, BUT....... ::


WHICH 1960s (NOVELTY/ ROCK) TOP 10 SONG HAS THE LONGEST PAUSE FOR BREATH??? and which Artist/Group sang it ???

* 1960s

* BIG Hit


* ROCK (sort of, call it Garage Rock)

* Very few lyrics/none that make sense,

* Clues in previous Posts


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Good try Laurie, but this song makes Louie,Louie sound like a Ballad! :)

I just went into another thread of mine where I spent about an hour on a couple of posts yesterday, to find that they've both been wiped when the Time was reset there.


Where is everybody? I think the Site is functioning OK now? This question isn't as tough as it sounds. I gave a hint when I made a comment on someone's post yeterday - right genre/right period of the 60s. :)

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Could it be "Surfin' Bird" by the Trashmen?

:coolio: :coolio: DAH! DAH! SURE IS SWLRBA! WELL DONE. :) :) You deserved that, because you went close with "WIPEOUT" before. 5 Points to you, 2 to Uncle for the pause in "Teddy Bear"/Elvis and 1 to all who participated.Thank you all.

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Good on you Lisa. It was in 1963, the same year as "Wipeout". I think everyone who knows the song will agree the words aren't too mentally challenging to learn! :)


Smokey Robinson originally wrote this song in the 60s to be recorded by his Group, "The Miracles". Another group begged him to let them use it. He did, and it became a BIG hit.

What do you think the song was, and who was the Group he gave it to?


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CONGRATULATIONS SWALBR! :) :) Right Place, Right Time. And you MUST have known it - you wouldn't even have time to Google it?

I'll update the points later. NOW, here's another NEW QUESTION Which famous Singer/Songwriter (plenty to choose from) wrote a song about his Producer's secretary? (Well, not really ABOUT her, but using her name as the basis of the song).

I hope that one lasts a bit longer so I can eat my lunch. :) :) Good Luck!

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I saw a movie of the Temptation's career on VH1 last year and i remembered

the part where Smokey gave the song to the Temps. I believe that someone said that the intros to "My Girl" and to "Satisfaction" were the best known in the world. ::

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Good guess, but a bit LATER than that. This Producer used to ring the artist with suggestions for new songs, and he thought his (female) Secretary's name would sound good in a song. It did, and the song became a big Hit in more than one genre (a small clue). :)


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R.B.Greaves (Sam Cooke's nephew). Not that one, but a great effort to get those other 2 questions. Goodnight Lisa. :)


Which famous Singer/Songwriter wrote a song about his Producer's secretary? (Well, not really ABOUT her, but using her name as the basis of the song).


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