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Thanks Edna. :)I was going to use the Elvis "Jailhouse Rock" pic but this one is certainly more colorful.

Yes, it's a bit hard to balance these questions. I like to make them difficult but not impossible. I don't think I'd have gotten this one either if I hadn't read it, so WHAT THEY HAVE IN COMMON is that they were all very good at a particular SPORT. Please see if you can find or guess which one. :)

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huh, how come i got a point? i mean, i'm not gonna argue with you but i didn't even make a guess!!

SoulGirl, you said in your post that you HAD thought about it, and were going to sleep on it. I think that's participating. :)

Windy, I didn't know 3 of them were Californians! Very Good ! :)

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is it golf?? / Badminton

Neither of those. I wonder what's happened to my avatar? Maybe the Elvis Presley Estate are suing me for using it !

I just wrote out a cheque/check for $312.00 a half hour ago to get our Hot Water system fixed, so we have about $110 available + $290 on the Credit Card. NOT exactly solvent !

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last guess, is it fishing?

oh and don't talk to me about financial worries - you have my sympathies, or even empathies since i'm in a similar tight spot! btw i like your rules, thanks for the point and i did think about it but couldn't come up with anything.... waiting with bated breath now to see what the answer is! btw i like that the questions are difficult - no point making it too easy and you can always give clues like this if no answers are forthcoming! :D

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Auto racing.

last guess, is it fishing?

None of those - but jr's on the right track as it's a macho sport. Also drowning worms isn't a sport and golf spoils a nice walk SoulGirl :laughing:. Have another go before you quit - c'mon. :) Not any form of Football either BB. :D

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That's macho? Most women and children can beat me at darts. When I used to be "on the road" with my job (before I was married) I'd stay in a Pub (Hotel) and lose money at darts before dinner, then try to win it back at Poker afterwards. ::

Hurry and get this please! My Wife wants me to go shopping with her and is losing patience with me. ONE of you has gone Oh so close ! :P

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It has to be boxing - right?

:coolio:YES, THAT'S IT! Well done Elvish (5 Points) and SoulGirl - who went soooo close (2 Points). Thanks to all who had a GO.

They were all "Golden Gloves" fighters - Johnny Burnette and Billy Ward being Champions in their respective divisions. Many people DON'T regard it as a sport, do they ? I'm a bit of a hypocrite, because I enjoy it but I'm glad none of my sons (OR daughters nowadays - how stupid) have ever taken it up.

Gotta run - I'll put on another question and update the points later. Have a good evening all. :)

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Ok, I just got back and it's lunch time here, but Music is the food of the soul so here's an update on the points and a new question.


addictedtoclassic 22

Elvish 21

edna 15

SoulGirl 8

jrownsdega 8

bluesboy 7

Newbie Jr 5

UncleJoe 4

miamisammy 4

RogerWaters90125 2

DiggsUK 2

Foxy1983 1

HDThoreau 1

Windy1 1

NEW QUESTION (I have a feeling it may be answered fairly quickly - although I couldn't find it "Googling").

Madonna received death threats last year (possibly from the P.L.O.) when she was thinking of touring Israel. Another singer reportedly received death threats thought to be from the P.L.O. back in 1967. WHO was it ?

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