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OLD 55


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Strange, I saw your post before TYG´s, Addict... well, so maybe you´re drew (is it broken English?)

It's a draw would be better... but I understood what you meant. Although his post is marked was marked as several minutes earlier than mine. Although I'm not sure it's the correct answer... But you'd have to wonder if both of us are wrong...?

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Do they all have some strange connection to Lee Hazelwood?

That´s not bad... Rita Coolidge sang some Hazelwood song, I guess... I don´t know about Guns´n Roses, but they might... and as for Nancy, we all know... OldFifty, are you still asleep?

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i'm pretty sure addictedtoclassic and tenyearsgone are right:

nancy sinatra - you only live twice

guns n' roses - live and let die (cover)

rita coolidge - all time high

well done boys! although we have to wait for old55 to come back and give us the official word.

btw it just struck me, we'd better all get our skates on and get ourselves as many points as possible before the google goddess comes back or we'll have no chance!!

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You know how I said i was going to bed......Well, I walked past the TV and my big son (he's not the biggest one, he's only 6feet3inches) was watching the Australian Open Tennis so I sat down...Then I had to go out this morning (it's 10.30am here) and here I am. I thought the GNR version rather than Wings of "Live And Let Die" might throw you off but no !

:coolio: WELL DONE TenYearsGone !!!:) The 3 songs are just as SoulGirl posted. 5 Points to TYG and I have to pontificate (wow - good word) about the allocation of other points. Back shortly.


Ok. Got to give the 5 points to TYG, and Addict gets the 2 points and all others who participated 1. I hope that sounds fair. The competition has really hotted up. Addict still leads, and Edna leaps into second (she answered one very quickly about "Models" yesterday - only had 3 entries). I don't know where Elvish has been - SoulGirl is closing on her.

Maybe I should just put on 2 Quizzes a day? Please tell me what you think. I've been trying to do as many as I can (after they're correctly answered) to give all a chance to win. Songfacts time ST is 18 hours behind OZ Eastern time, and it's 11.15am Wednesday as I type this, so that's 5.15pm Tuesday ST. I'll put on a NEW question in 3/4 of an hour.



addictedtoclassic 27

edna 22

Elvish 21

SoulGirl 14

UncleJoe 11

jrownsdega 8

bluesboy 7

TenYearsGone 6

HDThoreau 6

Newbie Jr 5

miamisammy 5

Windy1 4

DiggsUK 4

RogerWaters90125 2

Kevin28776 1

Foxy1983 1

Tenacious Peaches 1

Bazooka 1

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Rolling Stones lead guitarist Keith Richards and the multi-talented Prince surprisingly have a number of things in common. I'm after one thing SPECIFICALLY. Can you get it?


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None of the Above, nor is it that they both play guitar and they are both great songwriters. I don't think this one will show up on Google either. Aaron I've always thought that Prince was clean?


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