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Barbara Streisand

:coolio: WELL DONE HD ! Barbra it was. :)

It's the sort of thing you remember if you hear it, isn't it. It was before her open air "Central Park Concert" in June 1967 - which she went ahead with. Arab/Israeli feelings were running high then (as History shows) and of course she is Jewish, and was also set to co-star with Egyptian born Omar Sharif in "Funny Girl". Also as you said she blamed that for her recurring stage fright afterwards.



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There have been quite a few threads on here about Sad Songs lately. WHICH SONG (that he performed) did Elvis Presley once say was "One of the saddest songs I've ever heard"? :)

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"In the Ghetto".

Congrats Elvish and Amy!

Old55, you´re making us stick to the computer!!! Too bad I left for the whole day yesterday!

I agree with your choice Edna, but unfortunately it's not the one he said. You're a close third still! Hi Gisela. Sorry, not that one either. Did Elvis cover that? Hi Iain, not "Are You Lonesome Tonight".

I might be hiding tomorrow, as my Wife's got us booked into THE DENTIST !!!! Would you believe I haven't been to one for 7 years? I'm going to brush my teeth (while I can) and off to bed now. Bye. :) :) :)


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naturally i would never question the expert - it's more likely that my source is incorrect - but i found this on a website:

"In the excellent RCA/Time-Life Music series, The Elvis Presley Collection, there are double discs to illustrate the broad range of Elvis' talent, [including] two songs by Hank Williams. On the first CD is "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" - from a live appearance in 1973. The other song is on the second CD and is one of the most popular Hank Williams songs: "Your Cheatin' Heart".

When Elvis introduces "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" he says: "I'd like to sing a song that's probably the saddest song I've ever heard".

maybe the person who made the website made a mistake and it's actually "Your Cheatin' Heart"???

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Good search, SoulSis!!!!! My last guess is "The wonder of you", it´s not sad at all but it made me sad, don´t know why... maybe Elvis thought like me? :doh: :doh:

Anyway, if he doesn´t believe that "In the Gettho" isn´t THE saddest song on earth, I just don´t know what "sad" means... :puppyeyes:

Be strong, Old55! Dentist is just a shot away... :drummer:

You´ll feel better the day after...

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