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My Wife just said to me "are you going to sit at that computer all day ? I told her ALL the questions just keep on getting answered ! She says I have to think up a REALLY tough one now because we have to go out soon ! HMMMM ?


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Uncle, how'd you come up with Brenda so quickly? Great answer. I wouldn't have let my daughters go to Paris when they were 14 either. O.K. let's see how this one goes.

NEW QUESTION: A well known U.S. movie director remembered a song that had been recorded (with little or no Chart success) some 3 years previously. He/she telephoned the singer - would have thought it would be the writer -for permission to use it in his/her movie, which was given. The song became a huge hit after it's inclusion in the movie. WHAT was the song and WHO sang it ? :)

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Was Hitchcock the director?

Thinking "Que Sera Sera" ? No. A bit later than that. :)

Twilight Zone Music! I read your mind. Scary or incisive?


OR maybe you're reading mine ??????? :shades:


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I´d say Kevin is right, only "Jive talking" was #1 in 1975...

Maybe it´s Joe Cocker and "You can leave your hat on" for "9&1/2 weeks"?

BTW, I go to sleep and as I get up, I see four questions already answered... I´m gonna have to go to sleep later!!! :laughing: :laughing:

Congrats Uncle, Gis, Elvish, sammy and Jr!!!!!!

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At Last! I've been trying on and off to get into the site all day. This question is just too general isn't it? I thought I'd put on a tougher one because - as Edna said - they just kept going off yesterday. Let's narrow it down a little - it was in the 1970s , and a Love Song . PS. you're just attracted to my avatar Sammy. :)

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Hi Edna! I'm glad it's not just MY computer. Yes, we'll have to email Carl - it's been happening a lot lately, but today has certainly been the worst. Couple of great songs you just mentioned, but the answer is a really beautiful Love Song (well I think so). NO CLUE IN MY HIGHLIGHTING THE WORD "REALLY". I JUST LIKE THE SONG. :)

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Yeah, you can see by the lack of posts from the 1/29 the server was democratically bleeping up everybody...

The raindrops keep falling on my "head",not "hair"... sorry. I

I´m thinking about it... love song from 70´s... "Ghost" and "Unchained melody" was from the 80s... and besides, the song was famous... gnnnn

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