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Greatest films of the 90's

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A lot of the good ones have already been mentioned, so I'll add these:

The Insider

American Beauty

As Good as it Gets

Like Water for Chocolate



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Once again, lots of great movies have already been listed. I have so many to list that I won't bother renaming any:

The Shawshank Redemption

Dances With Wolves

The Usual Suspects

Lion King

Sling Blade

The Matrix

Reservior Dogs

Sixth Sense

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hmmmmmm........hmmmmmm...... there are so many good ones.

lets go top 5:

#5 Shawshank Redemption

#4 Seven

#3 Pulp Fiction

#2 Schindler's List

and #1 with out a doubt is American History X

honorable mentions:


Fight Club

and Ju-Dou

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The MS Access list sputters on:

"After Life" (1998)--Your eternal vision/experience..choose well

"Analyze This" (1999)--Is this where "The Sopranos" came from?

"Bowfinger" (1999)--Indie movie making on the sly

"Cookie's Fortune" (1999)--"Rumpy pumpy"?

"Cop Land" (1997)--Sylvester Stallone took a big gamble and lost...but it's an interesting movie and an honorable character in a tough job

"Deep Impact" (1998)--I'd rather have these astronauts on the job than those "The Abyss" wannabees!

"Double Jeopardy" (1999)--Sometimes, things aren't what they seem at first glance

"Galaxy Quest" (1999)--As a Trekker, this was just the thing to zap Paramount out of it's creative funk...they did get out that funk, didn't they?

"Get Shorty" (1995)--Crime doesn't pay, but can be played for laughs

"Goodfellas" (1990)--Crime pays...for a while

"The Hudsucker Proxy" (1994)--And you thought there wasn't much to the Hula Hoop, eh?

"Il Postino" (1994)

"The Iron Giant" (1999)--It tanked at the box office, but it captured the feel of the 1950's

"The King of Masks" (1996)--The successor isn't a boy, but does that matter?

"Life Is Beautiful" (1998)--A comedy about the Holocaust!? A film that works, in spite of it all

"October Sky" (1999)--What a good teacher can do for future coal miners who see Sputnik and learn advanced Math

"Primary Colors" (1998)--Mr. Bill goes political

"The Rainmaker" (1997)--Atticus Finch lives!

"Shakespeare In Love" (1998)--"A plague on both your houses"? Now that line should be in a play!

"Snow Falling on Cedars" (1999)--Murder! First Love! The trial and the small town newspaperman

"You've Got Mail" (1998)--A film featuring Nilsson's "The Puppy Song" and a plot from "The Shop Around The Corner" makes it big


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