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What was #1 in the charts when you were born?


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the U.K. No.1 on the 10th January 1980 was... Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) by

Pink Floyd :thumbsup:


the U.S. No.1 on the 10th January 1980 was... Please Don't Go by

K. C. and the Sunshine Band

I hate KC & the Sunshine Band!!! ::

Bummer. I like KC :)

Mine were:

US: "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen

UK: "Atomic" by Blondie

Decent selections ::

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August 24 1988:

In the US it was "Roll With It" by Steve Winwood

In the UK it was "The Only Way is Up" by Yazz and the Plastic Population

Love Roll With It. It reminds me of a Junior Walker and the All-Stars song, Roadrunner.

And Yazz...is that the group that was fronted by Allison Moyet? That girl is so underrated. Talk about blue-eyed soul.

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Yes! Down with those damn spammers. I am very careful with my main address. This is the first time I ever posted mine (in profile). What I really hate is when you try to block a domain and they send you some more with another one. Usually random stuff like @hgt5.com or something. I'm lucky enough mine is been totally clean for over a year and is hotmail (fingers crossed).

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