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What was #1 in the charts when you were born?


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HI To all my good friends. We've just returned from Holidays and are madly unpacking, but I couldn't resist a peep into the site.

That Site with all the birth dates is very good, but I have reliable US Chart info back to 1940, and ALL the US #1s from 1920 onwards (in case we have any octogenerians who'd like to know their Bith date #1).

Well, on my birth date of 22 November 1940, a Bing Crosby song called "Only Forever" was #1 in the US. I don't know it, but some other great Big Band songs were also #1 that year - instumentals "In The Mood" and "Tuxedo Junction" / Glenn Miller Orchestra; "I'll Never Smile Again" / Tommy Dorsey Orchestra with Frank Sinatra fronting the band; "The Breeze And I" / Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, Bob Eberly vocals; instrumental "Frenesi" / Artie Shaw & His Orchestra.

Ask your Grandparents Kiddies (and I use the term affectionately). They probably know all of those Classics.


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August 24 1988:

In the US it was "Roll With It" by Steve Winwood

In the UK it was "The Only Way is Up" by Yazz and the Plastic Population

Hey Annabelle, my birthday is the 24th of August too! Except I was born in 1984.

So the number one songs on the 24th August 1984 were:

Careless Whisper - George Michael (UK Charts)

Ghostbusters Theme - Ray Parker Jr. (US Charts)

:laughing: :laughing:

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In the U.S. --- Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and the Comets

in the U.K. - (she screams in terror) Rosemarie by Slim Whitman.

I´m not sure right now... I´ve seen other sites and they say other hits... Will you check it for me when you can, please, OldFyf? I´m from December 19th, 1955. Thanks! :thumbsup:

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