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  1. i do it for you- bryan adams FOR BOTH! ( yes i am quite young ) july,1991
  2. i loved this movie, even though i only understood it until after the movie. very interesting though. well i think
  3. i am wondering who wrote "puff the magic dragon" first...
  4. well mine is just the same as all the other site im registered in! its simple... my name and then a groovy number(101)!
  5. The begining of -Angie- by The Rolling Stones is the same as -hotel california- by The Eagles....listen to the begginign of both, you wont be able to tell the difference.
  6. Led Zepplin- Over the hills and far away The beatles-Magical mystery tour The rolling stones- Angie THe misfits- die die my darling
  7. Im embaressed to let my cousins, who i am VERY close to, know that i listen to led zeppelin and other bands... why?.. cause my oldest cousin listens to the same music and if i told them i listened to led zeppelin they would tell me i was copying my oldest cousin.. they are very judgemental. I dont know what to do,im kinda letting them know now that i listen to rock tho. ::
  8. I live in montreal, and another good band other then the delegates is psychotic 4. They are punk though,rather then ska but still good. I know the lead singer. :guitar:
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