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  1. Songs by two different artists that soundalike. I actually heard this on the radio: "What I Like About You" by The Romantics - without a pause between records or the DJ saying anything - "R O C K In The U S A" by John Mellencamp. A seamless transition.
  2. A couple of the original parodists were Spike Jones in the 40s and Stan Freberg in the 50s. Freberg didn't really do songs, as much he did sketch comedy on records - parodies of Dragnet etc... Rodney Dangerfield in 82 set his "No Respect" routine to music in "Rappin Rodney" as does Jeff Foxworthy today.
  3. I'm convinced that Outkast's hit "I Love The Way You Move" is sampling a 70s hit by Earth Wind & Fire, but my music reference books don't list that title for anyone. Is it a sampling or remake?
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