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  1. Hello All, What is the name of the song that has these lyrics, I am not sure of them either, something like: I've got a name and I've got a number, I've got alot on you..... Something like that, please help, Thanks
  2. Hey Guys. I have a friend who is a coach on a volleyball team and he needs songs that will pump-up his team and get them jacked!!
  3. What is the song that is playing as they are walking into the party? It goes something like "I declare war....." it's kinda of rap/rock.
  4. The scene in "The Girl Next Door" where she is walking to the party and the song starts out "I declare war on something....." what is the name of the song and the band??? Any help would do, thanks.
  5. Lotta Love by Nicollette Larson. It's just a great song. Came out in 1979.
  6. A big Thank You to Elvishlucky. It was Go for Soda by Kim Mitchell. Good Job to all those who helped the search. Evidence
  7. Two songs come to mind: In My Life, The Beatles The Heart of the Matter, Don Henley
  8. Not it. They would consider this song like classic rock. Nice try.
  9. What song has the lyrics, "might as well go for the fact nobody hurts or nobody cries" something like that? Could be from the 70's. Help please.
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