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Happy birthday, Jenny!!! :)

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Jenny!!! I hope your power comes back at least long enough for you to see these posts! :)

Hope you make it through the nor'easter with plenty of celebration for your birthday! Just the celebrating part should keep you plenty warm, especially with Sammy's gift. :grin:

Happy birthday, sister.

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Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. I did get power back on for my birthday, which was one of my birthday wishes. The other one was to win the lottery, so I hoped if one didn't happen, I'd get the other :D The nor'easter only dumped a few inches of wet snow, so it's almost melted.

My husband stayed home from work and we went out to lunch, and even though I didn't have any JD, I did have a maitai that lifted my spirits!

Thanks again, everyone...love to you all!

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