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Got so much trouble, hate this job

Tried to get out, trapped like a dog

No I don't like pumpin' gas, do ya hate to wait?

Life's a game, play your rules

Is the bottle half empty or the bottle half full?

It does no good, no good to shout

But I scream I hate!

Say I'm hostile, gotta relax

Better get a grip, here's the facts

I hate bein' here.


I hate people that make ya feel small

I hate having my back against the wall

I hate bein' talked down to

I hate your rules, I hate 'em all

Hate being marked to take the fall

Planet's not big enough for me and you

So much trouble... over me

Surrounded by jerks, can't ya see?

[ Find more Lyrics on http://mp3lyrics.org/CjE3 ]

Smile to my face, I know you'll lie

Knife in my back!

Another game, rules, rules, rules

Not for me you ******* fool!

Open your mouth just one more time

And my foot is going down!

In one ear, out the other

A waste of time so don't even bother

I hate bein' here!

[chorus x2]

Think I know how ya got this far!

Think I know how you got where you are!

Think I'll hate you when you're dead

I know I'll hate ya!

Smile to my face, know you'll lie

Says I got problems, ask yourself why?

Hate the games, I hate the rules

You're gonna lose

Say I'm hostile, gotta relax

Better get a grip, here's the facts

Not much more of you!!!

[chorus x2]

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name a song

About young people giving voice to a capitalistic society gone terribly wrong.

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