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(edit: I missed phil's post, but since the XTC song can be said to be about JFK I'll stick with the answer)

Peter Pumpkinhead came to town

Spreading wisdom and cash around

Fed the starving and housed the poor

Showed the Vatican what gold's for

The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead ~ XTC

Name a musician who acted in a movie (and should never do it again)

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This shape was brilliant

This shape was pure.

I saw three angles,

Of that I'm sure.

And I saw three pointy corners,

And then I saw three straight sides.

The top was very narrow,

And the base was oh so wide


My triangle

Oh triangle, it's true.

I saw your your shape,

In crowded place.

Now I don't know what to do,

Cause you're gone and I'm so blue

"My Triangle" - James Blunt

Name a song that mentions another shape in the lyrics.

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