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What are you doing right now ? *Our own Twitter *


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I have 2 disabled pets... a stuttering donkey... and a gorilla with "squint eyes"(due to a house training problem) If I would have known then... I would have taken the parrot with tourette's... Anyway, the gorilla thinks the donkey's laughing at him... :doh: "sorry" thought this was the animal planet sight... :couch:

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I could respond with something negative... but in this case it's not worth it :cool: As for me doing acid or any other illegal substance...it should be obvious that at some point in my life I took (probably lots) of something... but live and learn and you can't change history...that kind of stuff... :googly:

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I´m talking to my niece´s hubby, they just had a baby... :)

Then we´ll go to my mother´s place and eat the leftovers of the passover celebration thrown by my sister (her place is small so the parties are still in the family house)

Then we´ll go to another party at my brother´s place (a normal one, nothing to do with passover).

And at midnight we´ll go to a trendy bar where a close friend of mine is the DJ.

I hope the next three days will be boring cause I ned some rest.

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