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What are you doing right now ? *Our own Twitter *

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I just had a poo . Not enough fiber it seems . Going to watch porn now . Damn! No Vaseline nor absorbant tissues ! Must go shopping .... Twitter , twitter , oh well , must make dinner , nonetheless ...

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I m waiting for my husband to pick me up and then we´re going to see a friend. Then we´ll be having lunch under the sun and later on I´m supposed to meet another friend who´s coming to see me. :cool:

I wonder who cares... :laughing:

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I must. I must.

I'm contemplating going to bed, since I have to get up early on Saturday to meet with my committee members (yes, I said "my"). Because now that I'm on the Homeowners board, I get to chair a committee and get up early on Saturdays. Woohoo.

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