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I just had a dream this morning that I was on a road trip in Mexico with some friends. We went to a bank and parked the car across the street. When we went inside, I realized I had left my wallet on top of the car, so I went back to get it. After getting my wallet, I had to wait for the light to change so that I could cross the street and get back to the bank. Thats when I saw Angela Lansbury riding sidesaddle on a very small, white llama. She stopped next to me, also waiting for the light. I asked her if she wanted to race to the bank, to which she said, "You dont have a llama." I told her "I have one in my pants!" then bent over so that I was moving on my hands and feet (think Mogli walking like a bear in Jungle Book.) The light then changed and we took off. I was winning until she cheated and cut across the grass. We both made it inside the bank at the same time and I went to meet my friends at the counter. Thats when I woke up. Isnt it weird that there was grass in front of a bank in a big city in Mexico?

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I think the physical therapy that I have been undergoing has been unlocking something in my brain. I took a nap after therapy today and dreamed that I was riding around my home town on a Schwinn Stingray (complete with high rise handlebars, banana seat and 5 speed stick shift), completely nude, looking for a place to stop and get dressed. The really weird thing is, I hardly ever remember my dreams.

Oh yeah, yesterday, I had a dream that I walked into my bathroom and found my dad (who has been dead 10 years) shaving.

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