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I'm smoking a joint in the computers room because I had some bad time this week and the days before and I think I truly deserve some relax.

I'm arguing with the spanish husband cause now he can't smoke so he doesn't want to be near me when I smoke a joint so no more smoking when he's around.

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From www.m-w.com (Mirriam-Webster online)

Main Entry: 1 trawl

Pronunciation: \ˈtrȯl\

Function: verb

Etymology: probably from obsolete Dutch tragelen

Date: 1561

intransitive verb

1 a : to fish with a trawl b : to make a search as if by trawling

2 : troll 2a

transitive verb

: to catch (fish) with a trawl

A fisherman friend of mine from long ago used to call his small boat a trawler, so I've always thought about trawling as sitting in a trawler with your hook and line in the water.

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