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What are you doing right now ? *Our own Twitter *


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I'm getting ready to go clothes shopping...basically because I'm bored....I think I'm ready to go back to work I'm so bored...that's bad isn't it?

It's not a good thing Laurie :crazy: You need a hobby or you being you, might want to do some kind of charity work.

Go with kids tho. It's to hard to deal with losing the older people and they always go in threes. Animals are ok as long as you don't get into the abused animals thing. Guess I could say the same about seniors and kids.

I have done all of the above. Try to find happy stuff. Like reading at a library or senior center maybe. Arts and crafts for both groups are also good.

Take up quilting, gardening or sewing maybe. I have done all the above at some point in my like. It can be very fulfilling or very heartbreaking.

Go with the fun stuff :thumbsup:

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