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what would be your dream supergroup?

Keep in mind, this isn't just a question "Who is your fave guitarist, bassist, drummer, and singer." You have to think about similar music styles. Simply doing your favorites could result in a really weird band. Such as Eddie Van Halen on guitar, Jim Morrison on vocals, Neil Peart on Drums, and Flea playing the bass. Weird. Another problem with supergroups is clashing egos, but since this isn't real, I'm not going to think about that.

Anyways, heres my supergroup.

Jimi Hendrix on guitar

Kris Nolosovic on Bass

John Bonham on drums

Robert Plant for vocals

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Um, but that supergroup has existed a couple of times in music history:

ABBA, Roxy Music, Rush, Depeche Mode, NewOrder, and Kent ::

Okay, so I'll play along:

Bernard Sumner + Martin L. Gore = Greatest Synthpop band that ever graced the airwaves :headphones:

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Dream Supergroup? Easy:

John Lennon - guitar/vocals

George Harrison - guitar vocals

Paul McCartney - bass/keyboards/vocals

Ringo Starr - drums

Just imagine the 4 of them making music together!

Actually, with reference to the above, Paul McCartney was once asked in an interview who he would have in his fantasy group. he replied something to the effect of:

himself - bass/vocals (presumably)

Jimi Hendrix - guitar

John [Lennon] ("obviously") - guitar (and vocals, presumably)

Ringo - drums

Then, seemingly realising where he had gone with this (with 3 Beatles in the line-up), he went (as an afterthought) "...oh and, er, George on guitar" (or words to that effect).

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