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  1. Which Floyd tour did you see? I got to see Momentary Lapse of Reason and Division Bell. I felt so amazingly lucky to see them in concert *sigh* :happybanana:
  2. Some amazing concerts I've seen this year: Van Halen (I hear they are breaking up again) Joe Satriani Rush I heard Pink Floyd is joining with Rodger Waters for a tour (This would be a dream come true)
  3. Has anyone heard this rumour about Pink Floyd getting back together again with Rodger Waters and heading out on tour?
  4. Kashmir

    Barenaked Ladies

    I LOVE THE BARENAKED LADIES!! I have seen them a number of times and always look forward to seeing them again. The last concert was about 7 months ago in Orlando. My fave part is when the band "raps" or interacts with the audience. They really are a warm and friendly band who really love the crowd to be part of the show.
  5. I've seen several Yes concerts and they are amazing musicians! I think my fave concert was the Union Tour with ALL the members joining together on one stage. Basically you had 2 of everything..drums, guitarists, etc. Anyone know who will be in the line up this time? I would love to see Trevor Rabin again
  6. Bass-Tony Levin Drums-Bill Bruford Guitar-David Gilmour Singer-Chris Cornell Keyboards-John Paul Jones
  7. lol!!! When I first saw her I thought it was Paris Hilton with black hair.
  8. Were they called The Shoes or Nu Shoes? Did they sing a song called, "I Can't Wait?" <-in a time warp lol
  9. I melt with you-Modern English Ant Music-Adam and the Ants Goodbye to You-Scandel My Sharona-The Knack Bad Reputation-Joan Jett
  10. I had no idea those were the lyrics in general. I always thought it was about some girl just dealing with every day life. The music is very catchy and the singer's voice is gentle and sweet. It doesn't bother me either way.
  11. Hi Wibbly, I'm sorry I can't prove it, but I do remember watching a recent show on MTV on the early days/how they got started. The first Video they played was by the Buggles, Video Killed the Radio Star and the next song was Pat Benatar, You Better Run. I hope this helps you out a bit.
  12. Thank You by Led Zepp *sigh* Faithfully and Open Arms by Journey I'm always gonna Love You by Gary Moore
  13. Anybody see the new Alice Cooper commercial? It's really funny!!! A little girl is shopping through a store for school supplies and you can hear the muzak version of Schools Out. She looks up at some one and says, "I thought you said Schools out forever?" You than see Alice and he says, "No I said school's out for summer" I couldn't stop laughing!!!
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