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Ok, this isn't a wonky thing with SF (I don't think), but John & I, and Kenne (I learned from FB) just got a huge "WARNING! DANGEROUS SITE! Do not proceed (or some such) message a little earlier tonight. It was a huge font message and not anything I've ever seen before. We actually just clicked through it, as we've always trusted SF obviously, but others may not.

Don't know whether it had anything to do with it, but today we did that thing everyone is supposed to do to make sure our computer isn't infected with that worldwide malware thingamabob that is supposed to attack on Monday. We aren't infected, but could SF be in some way? Via some of this spam we get? Just wondering.

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As of the afternoon of July 8, attempts to get to songfacts are still putting me on a page saying it is an attack site and offering to get me out of here. When I say "ignore warning" there's a place to click "This isn't an attack site", but clicking on it takes me to stopbadware.com where I am told it may actually be an attack site This is really annoying.

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Oh, yes, the Big Crack in 200&something!!! :doh: :doh: The worst week of our lives!!! :laughing: We even lost posts and all the dates were upside down... :P I remember we all sent our e-mails to everybody, just in case...

It was like our house had been destroyed by a tornado or such...

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I didn't get any warnings when I signed in, but I was only on sporadically the past couple of days so I may have missed it.

Right now, Google has identified Songfacts as a potential site for malicious software.

If you go to google's main page and type Songfacts in the search box and hit "enter" on your keyboard (don't click on any of the drop down choices from the search box), Songfacts will be the first on the top of the search results.

Underneath the heading, there is a blue link that says, This site may harm your computer.

It is a warning from Google saying the site may be infected and it explains the warning and has a link for StopBadware to get even more info.

For Carl,

There is also a link at the bottom of Google's article to learn how to fix this issue.

It says:

"If you're the administrator of a site we've identified with this warning message, learn how webmasters can fix this issue. Note that in some cases, third parties can add malicious code to legitimate sites, which would cause us to show the warning message."

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Wow, rough few days.

Google detected Malware on Songfacts and blocked the site, including the boards. That's why that message was showing up.

We spent a lot of time figuring out what was going, and are still scrubbing the pipes. Google kept us blocked for a while to make sure we were clean, and we'll increase monitoring to do our best to prevent anything like this from happening.

Thanks for your patience everyone.

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Although Songfacts is a site we all trust, remember, in some cases, third parties can add malicious code to legitimate sites.

If they do, you can still be at risk when visiting the site.

Hopefully Carl and the boys are hot on the bad guys tails.

Visual Interlude:


That's why it is very important that you have the latest Windows updates (if you use Windows), as the updates include a removal tool for malicious code.

Also, it pays to have a good anti-virus program and malware program.


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