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Weird, weird, weird. I attempted to log in, that took 20 minutes. When it finally logged me in, my normal beigy colored skin appeared ... but the shoutbox was the default blue. I was able to click on this topic, and recieved the lovely red database error. This was beginning at 7:15pm Pacific time, and I finally got in at 8:05.


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I got the red bar error message this evening as well and last night the threads took forever to load

are you referring to yourself? :shades:

I think most people do other stuff while 'songfacting' so that makes it less scary.. in a way

That would be me :crazy: I almost always have other tabs open and I forget to close out of SF sometimes. Most of the time :crazy: and I also have a bad habit of getting up and doing housework or something.

A lot of the time I may be on the main page adding lyrics or something like that but I always bounce back to the forums :D

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