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  1. You're welcome. Damn, I need to get back on the radio. No community stations around here.
  2. This is great, but it's not my track! The man in that song was singing, not rapping. I'll keep looking. Thank you!
  3. This is what I mean about my being obsessive. Soon after I posted that, I returned to the station I'd heard it on (Chios FM "Lovely Greek Radio") and found that they were repeating their playlist over about an eight- or nine-hour period. I kept listening and when the song came back on I wasn't even aware of it at first; it was extremely quiet and unobtrusive. And I did manage to identify it! Thanks to Soundhound! (Shazam didn't have a thing! Always have both apps on your phone.) Here is the song. The Whalers - Paddle Easy - Lighthouse
  4. ETA: I did find them at last. The band was called Bohemia, and they were very hard to find because there are several bands by that name. They were not British but a post-punk group from Chicago. The voice on the monitor summons me down the corridor Dr. Werner, Dr. Werner, 1 1 1 2 9 Come across my visual screen, I want to know just where you've been Dr. Werner, Dr. Werner, 1 1 1 2 9 Covering his face with his hands, he avoided the monitor's wrath He hid in the closet 'til half past six and slid from the video monitor's path and slid from the video monitor's path The voice on the monitor summons me down the corridor Dr. Werner, Dr. Werner, 1 1 1 2 9 Oh Dr. Werner, Dr. Werner, 1 1 1 2 9 (because he says "vun vun vun two nine" it sounds like "fun fun fun tonight"
  5. Two Sleepy People - Ames Bros. Up All Night - The Records Love In Mind - Neil Young People Have The Power - Patti Smith
  6. It is an alt.rock song, very upbeat and bouncy, must be very recent, one of those where the (male) lead vocalist sings the lyrics in a very fast-paced manner similar to rap but singing, not chanting. The only lyrics I managed to make out were the words "stream of consciousness". They were in a verse and not a refrain. Just in case, I've checked and there's no song with that title that fits the description. I didn't have my phone with me, so I couldn't turn on Shazam or Soundhound to find out what it was. Thanks.
  7. This is a gently rocking indie song, sung by a man and a woman. The woman sounded a little like Kristin Hersh. "I can operate by the light of the moon alone" "Oh my God, I don't know what I would do without you. Oh my God, I don't know what I'm doing."
  8. No, it's not Bowie... I wonder if it's something local. I'll write or call the station where I heard it and see if someone there can identify it. Thanks.
  9. In a discussion on youtube about the late Technicolor Web of Sound, one contributor mentioned the "new 'old' songs"/"new classic rock" movement. I knew there had to be one. Point me in the right direction, I can't find a damn thing on Goggle.
  10. "I've never been rational, I've never thought rationally"... male vocalist, sounds quite 80s new wave, what we really called alternative back then; possible influence from Jad Fair? Not the Alannis Morissette song, I know that when I hear it. Thank you.
  11. I haven't found "Corners" but I think I've located the track I remembered as "It Must Be." It's actually called "It Is As It Must Be" and it's by Man. Since I don't remember how it sounded at the time, and this is definitely the kind of music Jody Anderson played on her WLRW Underground show all the time, it makes sense that this is probably it. They have some pretty impressive live stuff on youtube also.
  12. As of the afternoon of July 8, attempts to get to songfacts are still putting me on a page saying it is an attack site and offering to get me out of here. When I say "ignore warning" there's a place to click "This isn't an attack site", but clicking on it takes me to stopbadware.com where I am told it may actually be an attack site This is really annoying.
  13. Hey, little girl Comb your hair, fix your makeup Soon he will open the door Don't think because there's a ring on your finger You needn't try any more* For wives should always be lovers too Run to his arms the moment he comes home to you I'm warning you. Day after day There are girls at the office And men will always be men Don't send him off with your hair still in curlers You may not see him again... Hey, little girl Better wear something pretty Something you'd wear to go to the city And dim all the lights, Pour the wine, start the music Time to get ready for love... Time to get ready... Jack Jones "Wives & Lovers" single, Kapp 551, 1963 Written by Bacharach & David Talk about the feminine mystique! Back when this was written, a girl was anyone under thirty and the key to life was "getting" and "keeping" a man. Today, the "girl" wouldn't appreciate being called that, and she probably either owns her own business or is out working two jobs of her own just to live and pay the bills. *And if you like it then you should have put a ring on it!
  14. Earlier, I asked about a recording of a Fogelberg song and you guys were most helpful, especially Phil. 'Anyway I Love You/Let Me Go' There is another song I need help identifying from the same time period. I'm sure this was Fogelberg with the same woman as in the above example. The song title was "Fragile". All I remember is the words "Fragile, 'til it dies" and "So fragile it could die." And it had some really beautiful guitar work.
  15. Thanks Phil, I refuse to have a Facebook account but I'll find it some way.
  16. Tunatic just helped me out when I was trying to identify the background music for an old montage for Sept. 11 I had. I knew I'd heard it many times, but had no idea what it was or who wrote it. Tunatic took about ten seconds to identify it as John Williams' "Omaha Beach". I'm sold!
  17. Well, look at them yo-yo's. That's the way to do it. Play the guitar on the MTV. That ain't workin' -- that's the way to do it, Get your money for nothin' and your chicks for free. ... I want my, I want my, I want my MTV. When was the last time you saw/heard music on MTV?
  18. I wish I had as much confidence in the future as Steel2Velvet. For people who want to know how this happened, read Max Blumenthal's book Republican Gomorrah.
  19. What I find impressive is that Michelle Bachmann recognized the tune from the tiny bit that was played.
  20. Well, here's my 2011 update. No luck so far. I remember talking to Lavern White who had been WLRW station manager at the time, I spoke with him back in the early 80s and he knew what I was talking about but he didn't know what the song was either. He died in 1993. My next step is to find newspaper articles about the station from that time period. Every now and then I search on "1969 instrumental rock" or "1969 instrumental progressive" just to see what turns up. I've found a lot of great tunes I'd forgotten existed, but not that one. But I haven't given up. After all the old stuff I'd forgotten about which has turned up on line, music related and not, I think it's only a matter of time until I track it down.
  21. I'm looking for a song simply titled "Corners" from either 1969 or 1970. It was played on that same Underground show I've described before that I'm trying to track down the theme song. There is another song from that same time period called "It Must Be". I'd appreciate any help. Tracking these down through web searches is just about impossible.
  22. This is it! As I listened I realized that I knew what the female singer was going to do right before she did it -- a sure sign that this is the song in my memory. This would make sense. The station that played this all the time was a Champaign-Urbana community station and they often played stuff recorded live at the Red Herring. Thank you!
  23. The community station I listened to in 1969-72 used to play an amazing rendition of Fogelberg's "Anyway I Love You" montaged with another song apparently called "Let Me Go". It was sung with a plain acoustic guitar, by a male and female duo whom I always assumed (incorrectly, I now realize) were Richard and Linda Thompson. It started out with the lyrics and one chorus of "Anyway I Love You", and then went into this: Let me go, I've had my share of heartaches. Let me go, I've had my share of pain. Let me go, I've had my share of in between the lines [chorus] And it's just about the season And it's just about the day And it's just about the easiest thing To break right down and say Let me go -- oh, oh Oh, it's time for me to fly Let me go -- oh, oh Before I die. Let me go, you've put me through the wringer Let me go, you've taken all my [can't remember] Let me go, you took my love and squeezed it till it's dry [chorus] Somebody help me out? I want it on my current car playlist.
  24. Awesome music, amazing sounds, so plentiful back then. If you could DX it was even better. I've been reminded that the song may have been by a local group. My current plan is to call and/or write (postal mail) to all the stations in the area and obtain contact information for programmers or announcers from that time.
  25. heh No, I know "Frankenstein", and I agree there are similarities, but it's not the song. Anyway, as you said, it is from '72. Thank you for the video, though! Yes, they used to play it quite a lot on WEFT (then WTWC) and especially on WPGU, both with underground progressive formats at that time. This all reminds me of just how much great music there was in those days. One almost took it for granted. It also occurs to me that the song might possibly be by Steppenwolf. She played a great deal of off-chart Steppenwolf, very impressive as I listened in the dark.
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