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In A Perfect World


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I feel for you Tim... but if graduation is only a month off, and the last week of school is probably a free-for-all anyway (it always was at my schools), then really it's only 3 weeks, and you can survive that... keep the strength!

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I would have a job that I love and makes me feel fulfilled and I would have insurance and money in the bank.

I wouldn´t have a job but I´d be so rich I´d hire Shannon to do whatever she wants. A record with Leo Sayer, a band with Ryan Adams or a magazine with her fave nerd... :)

Of course, with all that money I´d solve all my friends´money issues. I´d be the producer for everything my friends want to do: performances, books, magazines, web pages, record companies, music, paintings, sports, anything! So they could have the job they love and make a good living that way.

I´d pay for the best doctors to heal those who are sick and I´d even manage to buy some miracles...

...yes, I know, money can´t buy everything. But it helps a bit.

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In a perfect world, we'd be able to hop a shuttle for a sandstorm kite party on Mars. Then board a Pan Galactic starship to debate the Alpha Centaurians on the following subject: "Intelligent life exists on planet Futurama: Yes/No?" :beatnik:

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