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What's the last CD you bought/got?


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May I ask why you didn't buy the song on iTunes, without the rest of the album?

Admit it, you like Moby! :smirk:

I don't pay for mp3s. If I could download the 320kbps mp3 for free, then I would. I guess if I look hard enough, I could do it. Hence, I chose to pay for the cd, with a cover and a case, so I don't have to bother doing all that myself separately. I could potentially like Moby, but I think that's bloody unlikely. However, I can see other people liking his songs, so it's good to have an album floating around my place :beatnik:

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Charity shop bargains, yesterday:

"The Pretenders" - The Pretenders

"Dummy" - Portishead

"Sing Sing Death House" - The Distillers

for a total outlay of £8.

The first two of these are albums I already have, but only in vinyl or cassette formats. The Pretenders debut was the first album I ever bought. It's cool to finally get it on CD, cuz last time I listened to it, it still sounded chuffing great. :)

The Distillers album is pretty ripping, if you like that raucous, unbridled punk rock stuff, which I still do in the right doses.

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I bought 3 CDs off Club AC30s website and now shoegazers around the world are jealous of me, FOR I HAVE:

Exit Calm - Exit Calm

Air Formation - Nothing To Wish For, Nothing To Lose

Malory - Pearl Diver


Soundpool have been lovely and sent me a review copy of their new album 'Mirrors in Your Eyes' that I will never open because of the note scribbled to me on the shrink wrap.

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