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What's the last CD you bought/got?


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Primary Colours is supposed to be one of the best albums of the year. I like it but don't think it's THAT good. They're very post-punk, I think. More so than shoegaze which is what people like to call them. They're not very original but they're very good at being derivative and the bands they choose to be derivative of are great (Spiritualized, Bauhaus and My Bloody Valentine)

Gosh I sound like a snob. Anyway it's all true, this snobbery,

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I like "Primary Colours". Even though it harks backs to 80s post-punk (reminding me of The Chameleons as much as anything else), it's actually pretty adventurous in comparison with most of their retro peers (who always tend to pillage the obvious sources), and also flies in the face of what everyone expected of them.

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'twas hyped up for me before I got to it, leaving me disappointed. I cannot say it enough but 'I Can't Control Myself' is a rip off of Spiritualized's 'Come Together'. In any case, they're good, it's good, but I am more enamoured by Memory Tapes and more impressed by A Place To Bury Strangers - would easily put them up before The Horrors.

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From St Gemma's Hospice Shop on Street Lane, Roundhay, Leeds 8:

"Weight" - The Rollins Band

"Cleansing" - Prong

£1 each :):):)

Some alt.metal-head has had a right clear-out. As well as the two albums I bought, there was about 30 CDs of Pantera, Machine Head, White Zombie, Sick Of It All, Pennywise, Stuck Mojo, lots of "RoadRunner" label stuff, etc. etc. And a couple of Cyress Hill albums.

I might have bought some more stuff, if I'd known where to start; not a genre I'm over-familiar with.

When I'm browsing the charity shop racks and I notice that a lot of stock has obviously come from one person's collection, I can't help wondering "what happened there?". I hope, in this case, the guy didn't die. :( Or if he did, he came to a fitting end; reckless, involving a degree of carnage.

Once, I saw the entire back catalogue of kd Lang had gone to the charity shop, and instinctively thought "Oh, dear; some girls have had a fall-out".

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And this afternoon's charity shops yielded:

"Post" - Bjork (which I previously only had on cassette) £1

"Seven Songs" - 23 Skidoo (original 1982 album re-released with bonus tracks) £1

"Turn 21" - The Donnas £2

And when I got home, the postman had delivered:

"21st Century Man" - Luke Haines, his new album, released earlier this week. (Limited Edition with bonus Disc 2) £8.95

Heaven knows where I'm gonna keep'em all, if we carry on like this. :)

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Mostly Classical, Opera, and Ballet junk with some Easy-Listening and Space Age Pop in the mix :beatnik:

- The Best Of The Durutti Column

- Georges Bizet's Carmen

- Selections from Aram Khachaturian's Gayane

- Rossini's Il Barbiere Di Siviglia

- Swan Lake

- A cd by The Stereophonic Space Sound Limited

- Cocktail Mix, Vol.1: Bachelor's Guide To The Galaxy

- The Nutcracker (Complete Ballet)

- The Rite Of Spring: Nightingale

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