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What's the last CD you bought/got?


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Hmmm. It's been a while since I posted in this thread, but I received and/or ordered a few things:

- A 2-cd set of Todd Rundgren's greatest hits.

- 3 Clazziquai Project remix albums.

- The second Misty Blue album.

- A Criterion Collection of the Beastie Boys music videos (not a complete collection, but it has a lot of extras).

- A five-cd set of Spanish Pop and Rock... which I had to return because the 4th disc was a manufacturer error!

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And some more!

With The Beatles - The Beatles

Help! - The Beatles

Beatles For Sale - The Beatles

Cloud 9 - George Harrison

A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles

Off The Deep End - Weird Al

17 Greatest Hits - The Temptations

At The Close Of The Century - Stevie Wonder

Live Killers - Queen

Boston - Boston

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Daughtry - Leave This Town

:swoon: I love him!

I like Daughtry. I didn't think I would, since he came off AI and I ordinarily abhor anything that has to do with that show. My sister has his first album and she was playing it in the car and while it's not the greatest rock record ever produced, it's better than 90% of what's on the radio right now.

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