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What's the last CD you bought/got?


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LCD Soundsystem~This Is Happening

I was in DC about a week ago and the Borders at the corner of 14th and F was closing and there was 30% off almost everything in the store. But bags were 5 cents extra... Anyway, it's a good alt. electronic album.

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No, but I already have many of his albums (he's my second favorite after The Doors) so I figured I'd get this one too. I like it, it's his "happy" album. But no, not his best.

Yea. When I was younger and first listening to music I was going through my parents CD collection and oddly that was the only Springsteen album they had. So I listened to it and I was like "This isn't that good... Maybe I don't like Springsteen". Thankfully I later listened to his better albums and changed my mind

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Deep breath. Here we go.

The Very Best of Jackson Browne

Monster - R.E.M.

The Singles - Pretenders

Greatest Hits Volume 1 and 2 - Bob Seger

The Times They Are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan

Another Side of Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan

The Best of Buffalo Springfield

Eat A Peach - The Allman Brothers

The Ultimate Collection - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

The Best of Sam and Dave

The Very Best of Solomon Burke

Music For Your Mother - Funkadelic

Greatest Hits - Sam Cooke

The Very Best of Solomon Burke

Modern Sounds In Country and Western Music - Ray Charles

The Very Best of Aretha Franklin (The 60's)

The Very Best of Parliament

The Definitive Collection - Bo Diddley

The Ultimate Bobby Darin

Willy and the Poor Boys - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Zenyatta Mondatta - The Police

Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen

Street Survivors - Lynyrd Skynyrd

War - U2

Achtung Baby - U2

Sweet Baby James - James Taylor

Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie

Mr. Tambourine Man - The Byrds

Abraxas - Santana

The Best of Santana

Idlewild South - The Allman Brothers Band

Mothership Connection - Parliament

The Very Best of Marvin Gaye Vol. 1 and 2

Rust Never Sleeps - Neil Young

Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac

The Ultimate Isley Brothers

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin

The Essential Jefferson Airplane

Surrealistic Pillow - Jefferson Airplane

The Best of the Moody Blues

Pearl - Janis Joplin

Parallel Lines - Blondie

The motherf***in' library: It's not just for book-readin' anymore.

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Monster - R.E.M.

Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen

Two posts ago I was proud of you. Now I am in disbelief of you. How could you not already own these? :o

The motherf***in' library: It's not just for book-readin' anymore.

Sh#t yeah! I've made quite the haul from my local library once or twice.

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I never thought about cds from the 80s being unreadable in today's computers. One thing I've wondered about is "laser rot," which seemed to happen more often with a few laser discs and some cds from the early 90s. The oldest cds I have are from the early to mid-90s. They sound okay (I mean, the transfer wasn't that great to begin with) :headphones:

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