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Anyone for Ska?


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I'm a huge fan too. Here's some of my favs:

The Specials, Fishbone, Big 5, Judge Dread, Madness, The Loafers, Bad Manners, The Selecter, The Potato, Skadows, Long Beach Dub All Stars., The Toasters, Aquabat, The Strangeways, Mephiskapheles.

Man it's been a while since I've been to a good show...

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I like alot of the British ska from the 78, 79, 80-ish period - is that what they call second wave?

Specials, Selector, Bad Manners and especially the Beat [i think they had to call themselves the English Beat in the States].

I'm old enough to remember some of the good old sixties ska, too.

'Guns of Navarone', anybody? Or the Paragons version of 'The Tide Is High'? [maybe that's just plain old reggae, though].

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One of my favorite CDs is "The Duran Duran Tribute Album". It features ska bands of the 90s covering DD tunes. Hilarious...I love almost every minute of it.

1. Rio - Goldfinger

2. Hold Back the Rain - Buck-O-Nine

3. Planet Earth - Home Grown

4. Chauffeur - Deftones

5. Come Undone - Wise Crack

6. Hungry Like the Wolf - Reel Big Fish

7. Reflex - Less Than Jake

8. Ordinary World - Riverfenix

9. View to a Kill - Gob

10. Girls on Film - Björn Again

11. Seventh Stranger - The Wrens

12. Save a Prayer - Eve's Plum

13. New Religion - Jimmy Eat World

14. Is There Something I Should Know? - Mr. T Experience

15. Girls on Film - Wesley Willis Fiasco

Of course, I don't know how ska Jimmy Eat World is...didn't they do that annoying "Middle" song?

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yes they did TP

"It just takes some time little girl in that little hot blue ride, everything everything will be all right all right"

(lyrics aren't dead on, but I know that they're close enough to put it in your head all day Buahahahahahahahahahahaha!) :laughing: :jester:

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When I was younger I was in a ska band called The Cheapsk8's. We had horns and all that junk. I wouldn't say I'm into it anymore, but every once in awhile I will break out my Special's records and skank like I am 16.

No one has mentioned Operation Ivy. I think they were the last great ska/punk band. "Take Warning"

Tim and Matt went on to form Rancid.

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Would you call Chicago ska? I mean a lot of their songs sound sort of like well put together ska. I am not really a big fan of modern ska, but I like a good horn section every now and then.

Nah. Not even close. Even though Ska is heavy on horns, so is Jazz, and some R&B, Big Band, as well other styles that employ orchestra-like sounds which Chicago draws influences from. It's pretty much about the rhythm and pacing with Ska - very lively and upbeat when compared to the "soft Rock" sound of Chicago.

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