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The Songfactors' Choice "Top Live Albums of All Time"


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[smallest] Movie Poster [/smallest]

Track Listing:


1. Theme From The Last Waltz

2. Up On Cripple Creek

3. Shape I'm In, The

4. It Makes No Difference

5. Who Do You Love? - (with Ronnie Hawkins)

6. Life Is A Carnival

7. Such A Night - (with Dr. John)

8. The Weight

9. Down South In New Orleans - (with Bobby Charles)

10. This Wheel's On Fire

11. Mystery Train - (with Paul Butterfield)

12. Caldonia - (with Muddy Waters)

13. Mannish Boy - (with Muddy Waters)

14. Stage Fright


1. Rag Mama Rag

2. All Our Past Times - (with Eric Clapton)

3. Further On Up The Road - (with Eric Clapton)

4. Ophelia

5. Helpless - (with Neil Young)

6. Four Strong Winds - (with Neil Young)

7. Coyote - (with Joni Mitchell)

8. Shadows And Light - (with Joni Mitchell)

9. Furry Sings The Blues - (with Joni Mitchell)

10. Acadian Driftwood

11. Dry Your Eyes - (with Neil Diamond)

12. W.S. Walcott Medicine Show, The

13. Tura Lura Lura (That's An Irish Lullaby) - (with Van Morrison)

14. Caravan - (with Van Morrison)


1. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

2. The Genetic Method / Chest Fever - (excerpt from movie soundtrack)

3. Baby Let Me Follow You Down - (with Bob Dylan)

4. Hazel - (with Bob Dylan)

5. I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) - (with Bob Dylan)

6. Forever Young - (with Bob Dylan)

7. Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Reprise) - (with Bob Dylan)

8. I Shall Be Released (Finale)

9. Jam #1

10. Jam #2

11. Don't Do It

12. Greensleeves - (from movie soundtrack)


1. Well, The

2. Evangeline - (with Emmylou Harris)

3. Out Of The Blue

4. Weight, The - (with The Staples)

5. Last Waltz Refrain, The

6. Theme From The Last Waltz

7. King Harvest (Has Surely Come)

8. Tura Lura Lura (That's An Irish Lullaby) - (with Van Morrison)

9. Caravan - (with Van Morrison)

10. Such A Night - (with Dr. John)

11. Rag Mama Rag

12. Mad Waltz - (sketch track for "The Well")

13. Mad Waltz - (previously unreleased)

14. Last Waltz Refrain, The - (TRUE instrumental)

15. Last Waltz Refrain, The - (TRUE instrumental)

16. Last Waltz Refrain, The - (previously unreleased)

17. Last Waltz Theme, The - (sketch)

18. Last Waltz Theme, The - (sketch)

19. Theme From The Last Waltz - (previously unreleased, sketch)


From All Music

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by Pink Floyd


Side 1

1. "Shine On You Crazy Diamond – 13:35

2. "Astronomy Domine" – 4:20

3. "What Do You Want from Me" – 4:10

4. "Learning to Fly" – 5:16

5. "Keep Talking" – 6:52

6. "Coming Back to Life" – 6:56

7. "Hey You" – 4:40

8. "A Great Day for Freedom" – 4:30

9. "Sorrow" (David Gilmour) – 10:49

10. "High Hopes" – 7:52

11. "Another Brick in the Wall" – 7:08

12. "One of These Days" – 6:45

Side 2

1. "Speak to Me" – 2:30

2. "Breathe" – 2:33

3. "On the Run" – 3:48

4. "Time" – 6:47

5. "The Great Gig in the Sky" – 5:52

6. "Money" – 8:54

7. "Us and Them" – 6:58

8. "Any Colour You Like" – 3:21

9. "Brain Damage" – 3:46

10. "Eclipse" – 2:38

11. "Wish You Were Here" – 6:35

12. "Comfortably Numb" – 9:29

13. "Run Like Hell" – 8:36

14. "Soundscape" – 22:00


P•U•L•S•E (pronounced, and sometimes written, as Pulse) is a live double CD by Pink Floyd, released on May 29, 1995[1] in the UK and on June 6, 1995 in the US, after the departure of former band leader Roger Waters, containing songs from famous albums Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, and The Wall.

The album was recorded during the band's Division Bell tour in 1994, specifically the UK and European leg, which ran from July to October 1994 (See Pink Floyd live performances).

The album includes a complete live version of The Dark Side of the Moon and features a booklet with many photos from performances on this tour. It also features "Astronomy Domine," a Syd Barrett song not performed since the early 1970s, as a tribute to the original Floyd guitarist.

Unlike Delicate Sound of Thunder, David Gilmour and producer James Guthrie have stated that no parts of the songs were re-recorded in the studio. However, the band and Guthrie fixed songs that had bad notes (as heard on some bootlegs) by lifting solos and corrected vocal lines from other performances as the band recorded most of the European leg.

In the U.S., P•U•L•S•E debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 in June 1995 (briefly dethroning Hootie and the Blowfish's Cracked Rear View for a week before Hootie regained the #1 spot in the U.S.) and was soon certified Double Platinum on July 31, 1995.

The cassette issue had two bonus tracks: "One of These Days" and a 22 minute ambient piece that was played prior to the 1994 concerts.

The vinyl version comes in a 4-LP box and includes "One of These Days" as well as a large version of the photo booklet. The video version (the only release of P•U•L•S•E with an accurate running order) also featured the song "Take It Back," and was, in fact, the near complete performance[2] from their October 20th show at Earl's Court, London.

On July 10, 2006, the P•U•L•S•E DVD was released of the concert performed on October 20, 1994 at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London.

The original CD cover features a "eye-like" machine that has clock pieces inside, in its center, there is a planet, and on the outside, it shows evolution as it moves backwards, it starts in the sea, then moves to the bacterias, the bacterias evolve into fishes, then into egg type creatures, then into eggs, which hatch birds and the birds follow the trail of an airplane. On the bottom, there are six pyramids, and in the bottom of the sea, you can observe a city in the shore.


*note egarding my other nomination:

"Red hot chili peppers Live at slane castle" I was wrong, I though they had a CD from that concert but it's only a dvd so that probably doesn't count ?

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Just a quick comment, in case no one has noticed... The final results from last month are posted with the link to the blog from the Main Page! Check it out, it looks pretty groovy! ;)

I won't get to post my new nominations until tomorrow at least, but they are coming! :)

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"Get Yer Ya-Ya´s Out"

The Rolling Stones


The first live album of the Stones was recorded in New York and Maryland in November 1969 and released in 1970.

Mick Taylor plays guitar; it was first tour.

List of songs:

Side 1

Jumpin' Jack Flash

Carol (Chuck Berry)

Stray Cat Blues

Love in Vain

Midnight Rambler

Side 2

Sympathy for the Devil

Live with Me

Little Queenie

Honky Tonk Women

Street Fighting Man

Don´t forget to nominate "STOP MAKING SENSE", Talking Heads... ;)

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Thanks bluesboy I really like those :D I didn't even think about using vids from the actual concert :doh: if one of the mods want to switch them around that would be fine or if anyone wants to listen they can use your links :D

I had just nominated Coyote in one of the recent tens and used the The Last Waltz video it didn't place but it was still a great video.

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I'm here to represent the grunge scene :beatnik:

First up:

Live On Two Legs - Pearl Jam


Track List

1. Corduroy

2. Given To Fly

3. Hail, Hail

4. Daughter

5. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

6. Untitled

7. MFC

8. Go

9. Red Mosquito

10. Even Flow

11. Off He Goes

12. Nothingman

13. Do The Evolution

14. Better Man

15. Black

16. F*ckin' Up

What is it?

Pearl Jam's first live album featuring performances from their 1998 Yield tour.

What makes it special?

Oooh where to begin? Could be that most of the songs featured aren't their biggest hits, but are incredibly powerful nonetheless. Could be the way Daughter effortlessly transforms into Neil Young's Rockin' in The Free World and then into W.M.A. Could be Mr. Vedder's banter while introducing Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town ("This one's called, uh, 'Longest Title in the Pearl Jam Catalog,'"). Could be the way newly hired drummer Matt Cameron had to learn 80 songs in two weeks after Jack Irons left. Could be the few thousand voices singing along perfectly to Better Man. Could be that the shows these were taken from had opening acts like Ben Harper, Tenacious D, The Wallflowers, Frank Black (Black Francis) and Iggy Pop among others.

Why should I vote for it?

Because it's what a live album should be like.

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[big]Performance: Rockin' The Fillmore -- Humble Pie[/big]

1. Four Day Creep (Ida Cox)

2. I'm Ready (words by Willie Dixon)

3. Stone Cold Fever (Humble Pie)

4. I Walk On Gilded Splinters (Dr John Creaux)

5. Rollin' Stone (Muddy Waters arranged by Humble Pie)

6. Hallelujah (I Love Her So) (Ray Charles)

7. I Don't Need No Doctor (Nick Ashford, Valerie Simpson, J. Armstead)

Humble Pie at their rawest :rockon: There's only so much Pie I can listen to in a day and this is almost a bit too much for me, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a great hard rock and live album.


I Don't Need No Doctor

I Walk On Gilded Splinters (part of it anyway)


Live at Leeds will follow soon.

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There aren't many live albums I have heard every track from. This is the only one I own:


[big]Yessongs - Yes (1973)[/big]

CD Track listing

Disc one

1. "Opening (excerpt from 'Firebird Suite')" (Igor Stravinsky) – 3:47

2. "Siberian Khatru" (Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman) – 9:03

3. "Heart of the Sunrise" (Anderson, Bill Bruford, Chris Squire) – 11:33

4. "Perpetual Change" (Anderson, Squire) – 14:11

5. "And You and I" (Anderson, Bruford, Howe, Squire) – 9:33

-"Cord of Life"

-"Eclipse" (Anderson, Bruford, Squire)

-"The Preacher the Teacher"


6. "Mood for a Day" (Howe) – 2:53

7. "Excerpts from 'The Six Wives of Henry VIII'" (Wakeman) – 6:37

8. â€Roundabout" (Anderson, Howe) – 8:33

Disc two

1. "I've Seen All Good People" (Anderson, Squire) – 7:09

-"Your Move" (Anderson)

-"All Good People" (Squire)

2. "Long Distance Runaround/The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)" (Anderson, Squire) – 13:37

-"Long Distance Runaround" (Anderson)

-"The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)" (Squire)

3. "Close to the Edge" (Anderson, Howe) – 18:13

-"The Solid Time of Change"

-"Total Mass Retain"

-"I Get Up I Get Down" (Anderson, Squire)

-"Seasons of Man"

4. "Yours Is No Disgrace" (Anderson, Bruford, Howe, Tony Kaye, Squire) – 14:23

5. "Starship Trooper (Anderson, Squire, Howe) – 10:08

-"Life Seeker" (Anderson)

-"Disillusion" (Squire)

-"Würm" (Howe)

:rockon: :bow:

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And Viaene may not be nominating the Chili Peppers :crazy: :(

found a back door :P


Live In Hyde Park

By Red Hot Chili Peppers


Disc one:

1. "Intro" – 3:55

2. "Can't Stop" – 5:13

3. "Around the World" – 4:12

4. "Scar Tissue" – 4:08

5. "By the Way" – 5:20

6. "Fortune Faded" – 3:28

7. "I Feel Love" (Donna Summer cover) – 1:28

8. "Otherside" – 4:34

9. "Easily" – 5:00

10. "Universally Speaking" – 4:16

11. "Get on Top" – 4:06

12. "Brandy" (Looking Glass cover) – 3:34

13. "Don't Forget Me" – 5:22

14. "Rolling Sly Stone" – 5:06

Disc two:

1. "Throw Away Your Television" – 7:30

2. "Leverage of Space" – 3:29

3. "Purple Stain" – 4:16

4. "The Zephyr Song" – 7:04

5. "Californication" – 5:26

6. "Right on Time" – 3:54

7. "Parallel Universe" – 5:37

8. "Drum Homage Medley": – 1:29

* "Rock and Roll"

* "Good Times, Bad Times"

* "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

* "We Will Rock You"

9. "Under the Bridge" – 4:54

10. "Black Cross" (45 Grave cover) – 3:30

11. "Flea's Trumpet Treated by John" – 3:28

12. "Give It Away" – 13:17


Live in Hyde Park is the first live album - and double album - released by the Red Hot Chili Peppers recorded over three record-breaking nights at Hyde Park, in London on June 19th, 20 and 25 2004. These three concerts became the highest grossing concerts in history, surpassing the Beatles.

Why vote for this album:

Because the Peppers are a band that sets live performance as it's first priority, they absolutely rock their concerts! :rockon:

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when nobody else wants to take this gem:


Unplugged in New York ~ Nirvana

1. "About a Girl" – 3:37

2. "Come as You Are" – 4:13

3. "Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam" (The Vaselines cover) – 4:37

4. "The Man Who Sold the World" (David Bowie cover) – 4:20

5. "Pennyroyal Tea" – 3:40

6. "Dumb" – 2:52

7. "Polly" – 3:16

8. "On a Plain" – 3:44

9. "Something in the Way" – 4:01

10. "Plateau" (Meat Puppets cover) – 3:38

11. "Oh Me" (Meat Puppets cover) – 3:26

12. "Lake of Fire" (Meat Puppets cover) – 2:55

13. "All Apologies" – 4:23

14. "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" (Traditional, Arranged by Leadbelly) – 5:08

Not a collection of their biggest hits (no "Smells like Teen Spirit" or "Heart-Shaped Box") but 14 beautifully arranged songs incding covers of David Bowie ("Man who sold the World"), The Vaselines ("Jesus doesn't want me for a Sunbeam") and three from the Meat Puppets and with "Where did you Sleep Last Night" a Leadbelly folk standard

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