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Best female voice of all time


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In no particular order:

Linda Ronstadt Pop/Rock

Annie Lennox Rock

Mary Chapin Carpenter Country/Folk/Pop

Bonnie Raitt Rock/Pop/Blues

Karen Carpenter Pop

Jane Olivor Pop

Martina McBride Country/Pop

Trisha Yearwood Country/Pop

Anne Murray Country/Pop

Patsy Cline Country

Anne Wilson Rock/Pop

These women all have extraordinary voices. Tremendous quality and control.

However, there are many other female singers whose work I admire (like Sandy Denny), who sing with passion and whose voices are particularly well suited to the material they sing.

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My favorite female singers of all time are Janis Joplin and Ella Fitzgerald, who could not be more polar opposite in both singing and life styles.

Also high up on my list-

Sarah McLachlan

Joni Mitchell

Karen Carpenter

Olivia Newton-John


Carly Simon

Carole King

Deborah Harry

Cass Elliot

Dusty Springfield

Norah Jones

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If we're including the "classic English folk" voice, how about June Tabor?

Yes indeed, B.F., June Tabor is certainly an excellent example of the "classic English folk" voice, as are Sandy, Annie (with whose voice I am now better acquainted), Maddy and Linda Thompson, to name but a few.

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