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American Idol 08


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We always forget that it's the performance of the song that counts. Of course it was a "butcher the song fest", how could it not be? It's Beatles songs! :P I think these themed nights of strictly one artist sets all the players up for people to just hate them.

For me, Chekezie/Chacuzzi absolutely owned the night. The arrangement of the song was brilliant, just the right amount of "changing it up" and the guy was downright joyful in his singing of it.

Jason, the guy with the dreads was ok... sort of. He's set himself up as the Heartthrob, and he did pretty well with that. I want to know what the weird thing is that he did with his mouth though, each time he went into falsetto. It looked as though he was having some sort of small seizure each time.

"Eleanor Rigby" sounded as though it was being done by a Billy Idol impersonator. The judges liked it, and I guess thinking of it as a performance, it was ok.

Brooke, on the piano with "Let It Be" was pretty good I thought. That's such a melodic song, that if you have a good voice (and her's ain't bad) it's hard to mess it up too much. Performance wise, the tears were a nice touch. ;)

Everyone else sucked, royally. :P

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More Beatles this week. David A brought it strong, and Brooke will probably get a free pass based on last week. Maybe the end of Kristy Lee? Here were the tunes:

Amanda: Back In The U.S.S.R.

Kristy Lee Cook: You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

David A: The Long and Winding Road

Michael Johns: A Day In The Life

Brooke: Here Comes The Sun

David C: Day Tripper

Carly: Blackbird

Jason: Michelle

Syesha: Yesterday

Chikeze: I've Just Seen a Face

Ramiele: I Should Have Known Better

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Kristy Lee found the song she'll be singing at state fairs next year, and David C had his biggest moment. Here are the American Idol songs from Tuesday.

Ramiele: Alone - Heart

Jason: Fragile - Sting

Syesha: If I Were Your Woman - Gladys Knight & The Pips

Chikezie: If Only for One Night (Patti Labelle and Luther Vandross)

Brooke: Every Breath You Take - The Police

Michael: We Will Rock You + We Are The Champions - Queen

Carly: Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Bonnie Tyler

David A: You're the Voice (John Farnham, covered by David Foster with vocalist Jeff Pescetto in 1990)

Kristy Lee: God Bless The USA - Lee Greenwood

David C: Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

Not sure who's going home this time, but I don't think Carly has a lot of support.

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Wow! David C performed the hell outta that song :o Looks like our Missouri boy is doing good :thumbsup:

I only watched his, Chikezie's, and Jason's performances on You Tube - should I bother to look up anyone else? ;)

[smaller]And does this week's theme make anyone else feel old? [/smaller] :crazy:

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