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American Idol 08


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I just got told about Amanda Overmeyer and checked her out on youtube...WOW!! She has an amazing voice and attitude. Yeah she sounds like Janis, but she still has her own style. I truly believe that Simon is an azz after telling her she didn't know the song with Baby Please Don't Go because he didn't know that she was doing scat and then he didn't even know the song!! I don't like this show but I may have to watch and vote for her, but sad part is, she won't stand a chance against the poptarts! :P

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I saw the David Archuleta clip this morning and he just ruined one of the best songs in classic rock. He turned it into a bad sounding broadway tune. At first I didn't even know what song he

was singing it was such a terrible version. Even though I don't like this show all that much, I would hate to see him win. And odds are he will since they tend to push through people that don't have what it takes with the exception of a few in the past.

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Well SJ...I watched that video again tonight, and I didn't like it as much the second time I watched it....I don't think he ruined it, he just changed it, but I tend to like the original artist's versions most of the time....Hearing it the second time around, it wasn't really that great....but I still like him...

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I still haven't decided if I like that kid or not, but he did rock Lionel Richie. I can't believe I live in a world where it's possible to rock Lionel Richie. :laughing:

I also dug Dreads and Chiekeze. I think I secretly love Danny "I'm So Fierce and Fabulous" Noriega, but he looks like Jessica Alba and that makes me question my sexuality. And he's only 17, so that makes me a dirty old woman. Or a cougar.

It amuses me to see the Daily Top 10 reflect the songs that were sung on Idol. We are so easily influenced as a society.

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Danny Noriega has an attitude that is too big for his extra-small britches. He sort of put a damper on my liking him last night with the "TMTH" and snubbing what the judges said.

And his speech, by the way, cements the discussion in another thread that teenagers DON'T talk out loud in text code. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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I was really surprised that Simon liked the version of "Hallelujah." I thought Danny was a disaster, and I loved the Lionel cover.

The Australian guy seems most likeable, and the dude with the unpronounceable name can really sing.

Me might start featuring songs from the competition once it narrows down a bit. Still waiting for a contestant to mention Songfacts, but there's definitely an interest in the stories behind the songs they're singing.

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I was thrilled this morning when I saw that Amanda Overmeyer made in the final 12. And I saw her clip singing Joan Jett and Simon loved it! I hope she can make it a few more weeks. I know she won't win being a rocker.

Next week they get to sing Lennon/McCartney songs...big mistake, I can't see any of them doing a good job. :P

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Here are the tracks performed on American Idol from March 11, with links to the Songfacts. It was Beatles night, which was great for everyone except David Archuleta:

Got To Get You Into My Life - Syesha

She's a Woman - Chikezie

In My Life - Ramiele (sp?)

If I Fell - Jason

Come Together - Carly

Eleanor Rigby - David C

Let It Be - Brooke

I Saw Her Standing There - David H

You Can't Do That - Amanda

Across The Universe - Michael

Eight Days a Week - Kristy

We Can Work It Out - David A

What were your thoughts on the show and the performances?

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