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American Idol 08


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Damn it, now I can't stop watching this! One of our cable tv stations, Fox 8 shows American Idol 'hot off the satellite'.

Can't say I wasn't going for the Aussie boy, he is smokin' hot and can really sing so you can imagine my surprise when he got voted off this week. I can't stand the pretty boy with dreads either, but he seems to have a lot of support.

My faves still in the comp are David Cook, David A and Brooke White.

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Mariah Carey week and here were the selections:

David A: When You Believe

David C: Always Be My Baby

Carly: Without You

Syesha: Vanishing (don't worry, we don't know this one either)

Brooke: Hero

Kristy Lee: Forever

Jason: I Don't Wanna Cry

Simon made the point that this was easier for the guys because they won't be compared to Mariah. Not too sure who's getting the boot this week, but if it's Syesha, it proves that you better pick a song we know.

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"Without You" isn't a Mariah Carey song, it was done by Air Supply.

Carly Smithson pretended to be excited when she met Mariah, but they met before 7 years ago, when she was a record flop in Ireland. The only reason she's on the show, is because Randy Jackson worked at MCA (her record label, who invested Millions on Carly's promotions) at the time she put out an album, which only sold a few hundred copies.

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I don't like Carly very much...she just seems to yell and not sing...but that's my opinion.....The guys did good..I like David Cook...the other David I think is still too young, but has a nice voice, but kinda boring....Jason and David Cook are good musicians,,,they know how to change a song at least, and not make it seem boring....

And as for the song "Without You"...that would be BADFINGER :bow: :bow: :bow: ....recorded by Harry Nilsson who made it popular...

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I do know "Vanishing" since I have all of Mariah's earlier albums . . . and if Syesha gets voted off, it's because she's not 1 of the 6 best singers.

I always have liked the guys better than the girls this year (last year I felt the reverse), especially the 2 Davids.

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I think it will come down to David Cook and Brooke.

David Cook because he's unique, ridiculously talented, and never has a miss.

Brooke because she can sing well, and she'll get the popular vote - she's got too great of a personality to be voted off.

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So what the heck was Paula's problem????...So Brooke forgot the lyric and started over....I think that was fine...I think it would of been hard for Brooke to cover that up and keep going since she completely lost her thoughts at that moment...starting the song over at least helped her to remember.....too bad that had to happen, but oh well....

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I thought David Cook did the best job last night of anyone. Maybe he's not a "Broadway" singer, but he pulled it out and made the song very emotional, I thought.

I felt bad for Brooke, but I still think she's a class act all the way around, and deserves more than American Idol.

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