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  1. I'm gonna give this thread a few stars, simply because it's funny how almost everyone has tacked on a little disclaimer explaining why they had the cd. LOL Funny stuff.
  2. The soundtrack for the movie "The Bodyguard". I had to go look at my cds to find one. I'm not even sure how I got it. I can't stand Whitney Houston.
  3. Nah. No way was he on anything.
  4. Ahem...I stayed out of that whole thread. It would have been fruitless to get involved. *tap*tap*.... Is this thing on?
  5. There you have it, Songfacters. (Or maybe it's Songfactors? Interesting thought...) The technical term is "flukey"
  6. That's a great song. I like Elvis' version.
  7. NoFX is the only name that came up in my seach. A bit strange, searching for "My Vagina".
  8. You are correct, MC____ (that's my rap name for you). I'd like to change my entries to: Listen, the Snow is Falling ~ John & Yoko If It Doesn't Snow On Christmas Day ~ Gene Autry
  9. Snowblind ~ Ace Frehley If you don't mind really off key vocals.
  10. Pink spliff? Purple oboe? No wonder women find us men to be lecherous heathens.
  11. Man, there are some cold hearted people in here.
  12. Maybe it means he only watches 60% of the Olympics.
  13. The guys sounds like a really open minded , well rounded musician, who embraces all types of music and has a true appreciation for all styles. Not. I've often found that one who resorts to insults has very little in the way of thought process or vocabulary strength. SHRED ON, DUDE!!
  14. March 3, 1964. I Want To Hold Your Hand ~ The Beatles
  15. In other words, MC_____, you screwed you.
  16. Great Balls of Fire ~ Jerry Lee Lewis
  17. If I had known the history of alcoholism in my family, and my predisposition to it, I probably would have never taken that first drink. I wasted a lot of time and money on that stuff. The thing I regret most, though, is the way I hurt everyone in my life. It's not that I feel bad for me. I acted like an idiot and got everything I deserved. I feel bad for them, because they did nothing to deserve what they got. Some alcoholics keep private the fact that they are alcoholics, and that's fine. I don't. It doesn't define me, it's just part of who I am. I don't beat people over the head with it. However, I probably wouldn't be as appreciative of what I have now if I had never traveled that road. I wake up every day, happy, centered, and I kiss my wife and kids while they're still asleep before I leave for work. I'm the luckiest guy out there, and I know it. I laugh everyday. So some good did come from it. Still in all, if I could go back, I'd have never started.
  18. _jr_


    Good answer, good answer.
  19. I remember being estatic when I finally had the drums in the intro down to where I could play it without thinking. Practiced it for weeks.
  20. I don't think anything today will be called "Classic Rock", because there's only one genre of classic rock. From like, 67 , maybe stretching into 81, or 82. Then it became '80's music', with a style and sound all it's own. It wasn't rock, and it's not called classic rock. Oh, sure, there were rock acts in the 80s, but what is that genre called? Big Hair Metal. Not classic rock. Then there was the explosion of rap, grunge, etc, etc, and that's what they'll all be known as. There's only one genre known as classic rock. And I was fortunate enough to grow up with it.
  21. Hmmmm....the drums sound familiar....
  22. Anthrax opened for Maiden the last time I saw them, in the early 90's.
  23. I don't think that would be a good idea. Then everyone would ignore the threads. I like it just how it is.
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