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My favorite TV shows - when I was a kid

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Too many to list. Your list thus far is excellent. Some quickies which come to mind are Mighty Mouse, Route 66, The Citadel, The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Twentieth Century, Highway Patrol, 77 Sunset Strip, Surfside 6, I've Got a Secret. Though not tv, I fell to sleep every night listening to CBS Radio Mystery Theater with E.G. Marshall. Giving serious thought to buying the cd set with all the old Mystery shows. I would highly recommend to any of the younger folks to listen to one of those old radio shows; way too cool. :cool:

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And now, from The World of Tomorrow...when TVs were black & white and there were fewer channels than the fingers on one hand. I'd like to see episodes from "Science Fiction Theater" again, if only to update suspect memories. (Separating compounds by density via Termite spit, E.T.'s bullet-flattening plastic sheet, Y.O.R.D., a blind boy who sees colored light as emotions.) For those who think MTV is cool, how about Ernie Kovacs, who brought us The Nairobi Trio, Percy Dovetonsils the Poet, and could animate numerous everyday objects. TV Military doctors have gotten far too serious; "Hennesey" treated his sailors with humor, understanding, and a dose of common sense. As for Steve Martin, he missed Phil Silvers' "Sgt. Bilko" by an astronomic unit. (Who else would try to sell army jeeps as the Arrivederci sport coupe!?) Moving from the geologic past to something a tad more current, I wouldn't mind visiting The Stratford Inn with "Newhart" just to hear "Anything for a Buck" turn into "Hi, my name's Larry, here's my brother Darrel, and this is my other brother Darrell." :coolio:

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