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Ask the opposite sex

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And, to answer your question Shawna... it's ultimately a matter of opinion, if you ask a baptist minister or a New York cab driver, I'm sure your results may vary.

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Seems I'm the only one who ever asks questions about the opposite sex. Does that mean I'm just really, really dense, or does it mean I'm just interested in knowing how the other half thinks?

Anyway, that's not my question.

Today subject is love. What brought this up is a man who told me that men don't think of "love" the same way women think of "love." He said it's a female's ideal, the idea of love. That for a man, if he's in a committed relationship and he's not out screwing around, and he treats his significant other well, that's as close to knowing what "love" is will get for a man.

I've had several conversations in the past couple of days about this, with both men and women, and the women are saying, Well, why doesn't the man just recognize it for what it is, and own it by saying it? And the men are saying, why doesn't the woman just recognize the man's actions and accept it for what it is without his having to say it?

And then I got the question, What is love? How do you know when you feel it?


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Some thoughts on the subject from a man:

Lust may reproduce, but only love can create.

No one can ever "find" love. One can only birth it, nurture it, offer it opportunities. Then love, like a child full of good memories, returns home to visit.

It is light and soft, easy and secure. It is fun and exciting, healing and caring. It is a test of a man's devotion to return a fine love such as that offered by a good woman.

Love and Truth

Are the same word.

Only when spelling

Is there a distinction

Love can stop

Time from pacing

Back and forth

Do Love

You're intimidated by love

Because you don't know

How to do it?

uncage your smile

be a kid for awhile

recall a Christmas morn

hold a baby fresh born

You can do love. Now, get to it.

A Relationship Is Not True Love

If more questions are

being created than an-

swers have been given

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Well I believe in love :D I beleive there are two kinds of love.

The first we'll call romantic love/infatuation the kind they write songs and poetry about. That kind of love tends to be short lived and rather disappointing.

Thats not to say you can't have romance and true love because there has to be romance of some kind in most love relationships.

The other kind of love is mature love. Thats the kinda of love you have when you take marriage vows and don't find them a burden. When you say them your not thinking in the back of your mind, If this doesn't work out I can always divorce his/her dumb a**.

Instead in the back of your mind your thinking, I will deal with almost anything to make our marriage work.

Thats the kind of love where the relationship is a two way street and neither of you are willing to bail if the going gets a little tough. Jealousy issues are pretty much non-existent because you both go out of your way to make sure you partner feels secure in you.

The mature kind of love is the kind of love people that have been reasonably happily married for years have managed to find. They can still call their spouse their best friend.

Romantic love burns hot and fades fast. If things aren't roses and sunshine 95% of the time, you can bet it's just a matter of time until someone bales.

Did I pass :D

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