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why the hell are you women so stupid every single woman ive ever encountered in my life has been a b**** to me cuz shes always demanding some kind of new shirt or skirt or pair of boots or animal or sexual favor its like im enslaved to whatever the hell they want and seriously women are the reason society is as bad as it is i mean theyre the ones practically taking off all their clothes just cuz peolpe tell them to do it and for what some random gawker ogling your body for hours on end and dying to get a chance with you i swear theres a reason why you dont see men on billboards and on magazine covers its cuz ITS STUPID!!!!!! and women cant seem to understand that theres a point where you have to stop taking other peoples crap and do what you want to do meanwhile all the women i know are still caught in that mindset that these new clothes will make you that much better of a person and why do you always have to make me pay for it i mean its not that im not happy to do it but its like you just tell me to get you one more dress one more blouse one more twopiece and you never stop really the money i dont care about even though im barely making it by already its just STOP GETTING TOLD WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes, Namahage, it seems like you´re not lucky. You´ve only met selfish women... there are some, sure. Now, let me tell you that if they "take off their clothes" it´s cause most of the men are stupid enough to pay for it. I guess you´re just much too young and hang around with the wrong people.

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I don´t like to see half-naked men on a magazine or anywhere... actually, I don´t care at all. They can do what they want. I´m not shocked, I´m not that kind of people :laughing: but I´m not the kind of woman who likes to see male strippers...

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