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20 Worst Lyrics

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anyway back on the topic, how about this from 'Riders on the Storm' (which is a very good song though)

Into this house we're born

Into this world we're thrown

Like a dog without a bone

An actor out alone

Sounds like Jim was just throwing any old words in just to make a verse

another bad lyric comes from Shed Seven's (fantastic) song 'Chasing Rainbows'

everybody had a laugh and then went for an early bath, did you?

truly truly awful yet for some reason I can help but like this line :crazy:

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by the way ... did you know that Fatboy Slim's father invented the bottle bank?

Is that 'bottle bank' as in

  • bottle bank -- a place where bottles can be deposited for recycling ?

I guess that is a Britishism. At least this US ugly American didn't have an idea what you talkin' 'bout.

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I'm not even sure we're talking about the same thing here... :crazy:

when she said bottle bank, I thought of something like this:


Yes this is exactly what I meant

didn't mean to cause confusion, but was tickled pink by someone thinking I meant large piggy banks in the shape of coke bottles ( I have never seen one and now I want to get one)

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When they're good, they're really quite good. But when they're bad... their lyrics are terrible. This song just twists the logic circuits in my brain because it is wrong. It is wrong in the long temporal sense and it is wrong in the each line of lyrics sense and it's wrong int the grammatical sense. It's just wrong.

String of Pearls - Soul Asylum

She swings the string of pearls on the corner

The street lights reflect the light in the water

The string it snaps and the pearls go sailing

And they splash and bounce and roll 'cross the wet street

As she bends to chase the pearls a car swings 'round the corner

She darts from the eyes of the panic-struck driver

Who's racing to the delivery room

'Cause in the back seat his wife is busting out of her womb

And the sac breaks and out come the Siamese Twins

Who grow up to become the first President

With two heads, are better than one

He puts his heads in his hands, says I got to put my heads together

I can become the best President ever

And not just President, fend for yourself

Signs his name, takes the blame for all of the names with no shame

In their beliefs, they adjourn and they leave, and in walks a man

With a broom and a knife and blood on his hands

And he sweeps everything under the rug

And goes home to his kids and gives them a hug

But his wife was not there, she had just left a letter

That said "you'd be much better off without me"

Now his wife took the train to her ex-lover's funeral

Who died in the bathroom, hit his head on a urinal

When they got together, the knowledge was carnal

And the widow was at the funeral, and they had quite a catfight

And they fell into the hole where the casket was resting

And the preacher just left in the middle of the service

'Cause death was one thing, but women made him nervous

And he ran to his car and he drove 'round the corner

Then something in the street caught the light in his eye

He pulled over, reached down, and picked up a pearl from the gutter

And he didn't know what to think

And he brought it home and washed it in the sink

And he gave the pearl to Sister Mary Teresa

Who could not accept it so she gave it to Lisa,

A young prostitute who was missing a pearl

On the necklace that broke late last night

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When it comes down to it, most commercial pop music has pretty rubbish lyrics. "Good" lyrics are the exception rather than the rule.

Also, no genre has a monopoly on "bad" lyrics. All genres are characterised by their own range of cliches (musical and lyrical), which attract some and repel others.

Personally, I'd prefer to hear concrete examples of "terrible lyrics" in this thread, rather than a blanket condemnation of a whole genre.e.g. rap, death-metal, C&W, or whatevah.

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Mid 80's hit in the UK called 'Kiss Me' by Stephen 'TinTin' Duffy (no I don't know why he called himself Tintin and nor do I care :P )

the chorus went

'kiss me with your mouth

your love is better than wine

but wine is all I have

will your love ever be mine?'

dreadful eh?

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