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Cool links and sites II

The Seeker

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That is so true and so sad, Farin. Mr. Peaches hadn't eaten all day at work last week so he asked me to pick him up the new Baconator burger from Wendy's. What the %^$# does one person need with 2 beef patties and 6 strips of bacon? We all know that I worship bacon, but this was just ridiculous. I was ashamed to even order the thing. :P

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the site can't be displayed, because my flashplayer is too old... they need 7 or higher...

I have 9

:stars: :stars: :stars:

Here's the description. Heart attack on a bun. :P

"Six strips of hickory smoked bacon piled high atop two 1/4 lb.* patties of fresh, never frozen, beef. Complete with two slices of American cheese, mayo and ketchup for a mountain of mouth-watering taste. Go on, obsess a little."


For Seeker...

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Dude, I looooove dudes. This dude is my favorite. The Dude abides, man.

"Jeffrey Lebowski

The Dude

The uber-dude. Helped to bring Dudeism to the forefront of modern consciousness. If not for him, we'd still be stuck in the dude dark-ages. He's Dude Vinci, Isaac Dudeton, and Charles Dudewin all rolled into one. Or just, His Dudeness, if you're into that whole brevity thing."

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something for our dear Namahage ;)

Charlie Brown Manga designs

The art style is actually far more reminiscent of some crappy American cartoon. :P Not to mention that whoever drew them doesn't really seem to have a whole lot of talent.

I have seen some similar things before, though. Like a Star Wars manga. There's also a Star Trek manga by a guy named Shinsei Shinsei. Observe the terribleness.

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